The search for a new plumber in Jackman Maine continues (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Thus far, there have been no takers for a scholarship to find a new plumber in a small Maine town. The search has soldiered on.

Small town having trouble finding a plumber

There’s still help needed in a small town in Maine. A recent post on NPR’s website featured a couple from Jackman, Maine, who created a scholarship for a young student willing to train a plumber to work in town. Thus far, there have been no takers and the search has soldiered on.

Denise Plante, the principal of Jackman's Forest Hills Consolidated School District, said they haven’t seen much interest yet. While there have been inquiries from across the country, and even other countries, they want someone familiar with the area who will likely come back, work and live there.

There is one student, a high school senior, who might be willing to take the plunge: "One of his top three plans is to go to be trained and to earn certification to be a plumber and return to town," says Plante.

If that student does decide to train, it could still be years before he's certified. Until then, Plante jokes, "We'll save our flushes."

What have you noticed about new plumbers and contractors in your local area? What do you think could get more young people interested in the idea of becoming a tradesman? Let us know!

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