Susan Kennedy joins the American Society of Plumbing Engineers

CHICAGO, IL — Industry veteran Susan Kennedy has joined the American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) as the Society’s Director of Marketing. Susan, who recently retired after 17 years as Marketing Director at Sloan Valve, has agreed to help ASPE with many projects that will directly benefit the plumbing industry and plumbing engineers and designers in particular.

In the past few years, ASPE has expanded its product and service offerings to help plumbing engineers and designers develop their professional skills and advance in the industry. With a very successful and award-winning magazine; major online education programs; a website that includes peer-to-peer forums, blogs, and the ability to download books and monographs; a fully indexed Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook; and the largest and finest Engineered Plumbing Exposition in the country, it is now time for ASPE to move forward and position itself as a leader in professional development and an advocate for the plumbing engineering and design community.

The Society already has expanded its staff to improve its in-house engineering, marketing, research, and technical capabilities. With the addition of Susan Kennedy, ASPE benefits from an individual who brings a very special view of the manufacturing side of the plumbing industry.

Susan's first assignments will cover a broad range of business and marketing issues; events and programs; and the initial launching of a new research development endeavor into a worldwide green plumbing initiative.

The expected end result will be to improve the overall economic conditions and job opportunities for plumbing engineers and designers worldwide.