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Top 10 safety hazards of working as a plumber

If you’re a plumber, you’ve likely heard plenty of assumptions and guesses when it comes to your profession: Misconceptions that all you do is work with human waste, a likely Super Mario reference here and there, and, of course, butt-crack jokes. But one thing many people may not realize is just how dangerous plumbing can be if you aren't careful.

Every day, plumbers face safety hazards. While you, our devoted contractor followers, may be used to the job description and all that comes with it, many others may fail to realize just what you face on a daily basis. That’s why we decided to count down the top 10 safety hazards that plumbing contractors face every day.

Did we miss anything? Any threats that you think pose a greater danger? Let us know; email Content Producer Hal Conick at [email protected].


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