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Two Cases of Legionnaires' Confirmed at PA Health Care Center

Eastern PA news affiliate WFMZ-TV reports one diagnosed Jan. 2nd, the other Jan. 5th.

RICHLANDTOWN, PA — Eastern PA news affiliate WFMZ-TV has reported two confirmed cases of Legionnaires' Disease at Phoebe Richland Health Care Center. Water samples have been taken at various points in the center's plumbing system, but results may not be known for weeks.

According to a Phoebe Richland spokesperson, the cases are from two different area hospitals. One was diagnosed on January 2 and the other was diagnosed on January 5.

The report includes a statement from Phoebe Richland:

The health and wellbeing of our residents and staff are Phoebe's top priorities. In the last few days, two residents who were recently admitted to Phoebe Richland Health Care Center were diagnosed with Legionnaires' disease. While both residents were quickly treated, tragically one of the residents has passed away due to multiple contributing health factors.

We are deeply saddened by our resident's passing, and we have expressed our condolences and offered support to this individual's family. The other resident remains in stable condition and is undergoing treatment. At this time, no additional residents have any symptoms of Legionnaires.

For more, visit the WFMZ-TV web site.

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