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Which States Pay Plumbers Top Dollar?

Which states in the U.S. offer plumbers and pipefitters the highest wages? You might want to move after you view this gallery.

So which states pay the best wages? Luckily, the Bureau of Labor Statisics has been gathering data on plumbers, pipefitters and steamfitters that answers just that question. These numbers, by the way, are from data up to May 2018, so come next month we will have a new batch of data to sift through (and a new gallery to accompany it).

Wages are a function of economic activity, state and local policies, municipal investment, education and training opportunities as well as several other factors. Before you pack up the spouse and kids keep in mind that your purchasing power may go further in some states than it does in others.

And now without further fanfare, let's get this started with #5...

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