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Who is paying the most for their drinking water?

Who is paying the most for their drinking water?

In the name of a cost-cutting measure gone horribly wrong, there is now an American city of nearly 125,000 where the annual drinking water bill is $864 per capita.

To make matters worse, more than 40 percent of that city's residents live in poverty. The name of the city: Flint, Michigan.

This article from 24/7 Wall St. discusses the political origins of the Flint water crisis, and how the push to privatize has actually seen the cost of drinking water climb in communities throughout the country.

According to the article:

Although just 12% of the nation’s population is served by a private company, seven of the 10 most expensive water systems are owned by private companies. The typical household water bill in a privately-owned municipal system is $316.20, while private systems cost more than $500 on average.

Read the full article, along with a list of the 10 cities in America with the most expensive drinking water.

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