New Jerseys drinking supply is currently a bit salty (Photo by Afton Almaraz/Getty Images)

New Jersey's drinking supply is currently a bit salty.

Salty sips: New Jersey residents have road salt runoff make way into water supply

If you live in New Jersey, you may have noticed a new, salty taste to your water. According to, this is due to a road salt runoff that has made way into the surface water supply. The New Jersey American Water company sent out a note alerting residents to this fact, saying that seven counties, including Essex, Mercer and Middlesex, have been impacted.

Even though the water may taste a bit salty, state environment officials said it is still safe for consumption.

"The salt impacts are minimal," said Larry Hajna, a state Department of Environmental Protection spokesman. "Utilities are doing the right thing putting out advisories for people on salt sensitive diets."

As of March 6, the state Department of Transportation has used 397,622 tons of salt and some of that can run in to streams and other water courses that finds its way to water supplies.

For more information about this situation, visit the article. Have you noticed a saltier taste in your water? Let us know. We’d love to hear your experience.

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