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Codes, enforcement & interpretation Stockbyte/Thinkstock

Codes, enforcement & interpretation

I’ve seen more than one inspector get out of his vehicle with a red tag in hand, before he even looked at the workmanship The only constant is that you, the contractor, have to foot the bill Having your field personnel well versed in the codes of the jurisdiction they are working under is one way to cut down on re-inspections If a contractor works in several states or in several large cities, the number of codes he must deal with can become staggering

As plumbing and mechanical contractors, our work is governed by building codes. These codes are supposed to be a minimum standard of installation and maintenance for the various building trades. Working in municipalities, we are always at the mercy of the various building officials who interpret the codes. Notice I say, ‘interpret’ rather than enforce. That is because the codes are written in such a way that a building official (an inspector) can decide what they mean, leaving you

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