Keeping Your Focus — Part 2

Focusing on the things that you know need improvement in your business pays big dividends Verbal communications are fraught with the danger of misinterpretation When speaking to a person face-to-face make eye contact When communicating with your clients, being perfectly clear is the Holy Grail In a well-run service shop, properly scheduled service calls are an absolute must Making the hard phone call to the GC when you can’t get people to their project as agreed is something that you must do

So, have you worked on that inventory control? Know what you have and where it goes?  Feels good to have that information at the tip of your finger doesn’t it? I am willing to say that those readers who spent the time to get a handle on their inventory have a little bit better understanding of their businesses today than they did before. Focusing on one thing, and getting it in order, can set the stage for further improvements ahead in the coming year.

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TAGS: Management
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