A plumbing history lesson iStock/Thinkstock

A plumbing history lesson

Since Homo sapiens first appeared on the planet, the handling of sewerage waste has been an issue After learning not to drink downstream of the herds (or village), humans began their long climb up the ladder of civilization Some 3,000 years before Christ, the Mycenaean king’s palace a complex drainage system The skill levels evidenced by early plumbers were astounding As the trade became more and more specialized and more technical, the common people began to benefit as well The only problem with all these great technological advances is that they were fragile and easily lost

If you’ve been in the trades for any length of time, you have been made aware, sometimes acutely aware, that plumbers are not held in as high esteem as perhaps doctors, bank managers, investment counselors, lawyers or other professionals. The average person today is unaware of the fact that our trade is directly responsible for saving civilization; not once, but many times in the last 8,000 years. In fact, as author W. Hodding Carter, in his 2006 book “Flushed: How Plumbing Saved

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