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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade

Over the centuries, trade tools have been developed for handling jobs generally, and then, more refined tools were made for handling specific products and jobs A plumber's tool kit speaks volumes about his abilities, trade knowledge and experience Keeping one's tools sharp, clean and lubricated is a common sense thing to do, but it isn't universally done these days A well-made tool, properly cared, for will stand the test of time and be reliable for the professional life of the user  

The term “tools of the trade” can be applied universally to all forms of endeavor. From manual labor to the most high-tech software applications, each have specific tools that are considered basic to a particular job. Some jobs require more tools than others and some tools are specific to a particular use. In the greater scheme of things, tools, both the manufacture and use of them, are what separate man from the rest of the animal kingdom. There are exceptions, of course, but for

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