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Apple CEO invests in showerhead company

Apple CEO invests in showerhead company

Timothy Cook, the CEO of Apple has invested in Nebia, a start-up company located in San Francisco that is developing a water-conserving showerhead.

As reported in the New York Times, the investment is a personal one for Cook, and not one made by the company. Nebia has attracted investment from other big names in Silicon Valley, but refuses to disclose any hard numbers at the present time.

The shower technology they are working on could reduce the water used while taking a shower by as much as 70 percent. From the story:

The product uses nozzles to break water up into tiny droplets, which increases the surface area of where the spray can go. While the average shower takes 20 gallons of water, Nebia said its product used six gallons... Since October, Nebia has tested prototypes of the shower head inside locker rooms in some Equinox gyms and on the campuses of Apple, Google and Stanford University.

Read the full story on the New York Times website here.

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