Prospective customers can try out Mobilio's field service program

TORONTO – Mobilio Inc. has been a provider of field service automation (FSA) systems since 2002 with hundreds of applications deployed throughout North America. The company recently announced a new free trial program designed to make it easier than ever to experience MobilioFM (Field Manager).

Mobilio, which connects technicians in the field with a company’s office in real-time using PDAs/Smartphones loaded with the Mobilio field software, now offers new potential customers a stand-alone version of MobilioFM that can be run from the office via a Web browser on any PC with an Internet connection. It provides the customer with a working version of the program without their having to make the investment in mobile devices.

The Mobilio FM application allows a field service company to dispatch work orders to field employees. Field technicians can log in and amend their work orders with the current work status, details of work done, materials used, and labor time spent, etc. This data can be automatically updated for processing and reporting in the office.

The free trial provides users with a solid experience in using Mobilio’s Internet-based (cloud computing) software. Click here for additional information.