Aquatech USA showcases innovative products

May 1, 2009
Exhibitors at Aquatech USA 2009, an international exhibition and conference on water technology, showcased innovative water systems products and technologies

Rosemont, Ill. — Exhibitors at Aquatech USA 2009, an international exhibition and conference on water technology, showcased innovative water systems products and technologies here, March 17-21, giving water quality professionals an opportunity to learn about the newest products in the industry.

Watts Water Quality and Conditioning Products displayed the E-Treat Water Conditioning System, using no-salt technology. The system has a main tank, inner tank and contact chamber. When water enters the system, it flows down a 2-cu.ft. bed of coconut shell activated carbon, which improves water quality — chlorine and organic substances are reduced through adsorption.

Water goes through a second process in the inner tank and contact chamber where water flows into the inner tank. Treatment for scale prevention is provided, using ScaleNet, an anti-scale media. This media transforms calcium ions into stable calcium crystals that do not attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware or heat exchanger components.

Watts also showcased the E-Treat Reverse Osmosis System, which uses zero-waste technology. Water that's rejected by the RO membrane is sent to the hot water pipe using a booster pump. All the water is used, making the system 100% efficient. Power to the pump is supplied by a 24V transformer, and a small PC board controls the booster pump by determining the position of the automatic shut-off valve. The pump also acts as a booster pump in low incoming pressure applications. Optional components include RO PRO storage tanks, metal tanks and top mount faucets, which were also displayed at the show.

ITT Water Equipment Technologies displayed the GRO Series Reverse Osmosis System. The light-duty system is designed to provide high quality water for residential and commercial applications economically. There is a base model and optional package with monitoring and control requirements. The system comes in 150-9,600 GPD.

PureOFlow debuted a high-capacity RO system that delivers quality water in one unit with the ability to replace most point-of-use filters and purifiers with a single system. It is also a green solution with a one-to-one purified-to-wastewater ratio that softens water without the use of salts. Wastewater can be rerouted within a system (p-drains, lawns, toilets, etc.) for a zero-wastewater solution. Also, the system eliminates hard-water mineral build up on fixtures.

The system reduces up to 98% of substances such as arsenic, lead and radium, and offers a high-capacity technology, delivering as much as 5,600 GPD at delivery rates up to 22 GPM. This reduces labor costs by lowering or eliminating descaling services for volume water appliances such as tankless water heaters, ice machines, steamers and beverage dispensers.

EcoloBlue Life & Energy, a company focused on water and energy generation, and the production of bio-degradable plastic, showcased an industrial atmospheric water generator that produces 53-gal. of purified drinking water from humidity in the air.

To ensure that water is purified, reverse osmosis and ultraviolet filters are used along with an electrostatic anti-bacteria and anti-fungus filter to clean the air. Both cold and hot water can be stored in these generators.

Besides producing water, the generators dehumidify air, condition outside air and purify indoor air. Alternative energy sources, such as solar or wind, can be used to power the machines. The machines are scalable, so they can fulfill sizeable water requirements. The generators work in most arid locations with humidity levels of 35-90%. Industrial size generators are available in five different models that produce 53, 132, 264, 792 or 1,319 gal. of water. The industrial model on display at Aquatech 2009 was donated to the Illinois Institute of Technology

Spectra Watermakers Inc., a manufacturer of reverse osmosis desalination systems and energy recovery pumps, showcased its latest product development, the Pearson Pump, a high-pressure pump developed for energy-efficient reverse osmosis desalination of sea water and brackish water. The pump is an enhancement of reciprocating pump design and combines feed water pumping and energy recovery into a single unit.

The new pump will enable Spectra to increase the output of desalinated water by 30% in many of its existing products while reducing energy requirements. Because the pump is scalable, the next generation of Spectra land-based and marine products will produce 12,000-30,000 GPD.

One of its land-based products, the Solar Seawater System, SSW 5800, was on display at the show. The system produces 1,500-gal. of fresh water per day from ocean water or saline wells, using the Pearson Pump. The system produces more water with less energy and is powered by solar and/or wind energy. Spectra's products, including solar- and wind-powered units, have been used for military, disaster relief, village level water supply, small eco-resort and remote home applications.

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