PUMP-FLO.com Hits 250K Mark

May 2, 2012
UMP-FLO™ Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), announced its PUMP-FLO.com, the free pump selection website, now has over 250,000 registered users.

LACEY, WASH. -- PUMP-FLO Solutions (An Engineered Software Business), announced its PUMP-FLO.com, the free pump selection website, now has over 250,000 registered users. The PUMP-FLO software suite used by pump manufacturers, pump distributors, and pump users/specifiers, is the global leader in the pump selection process. The software is used in the sizing and selection of pumps, showing dynamic pump curves, and aids purchasers and suppliers in the configuration process.

Since its inception in 2002, the PUMP-FLO.com website's users have grown to be used by nearly 28,000 individuals in the pump manufacturing and distributing industries, and over 222,000 pump buyers/specifiers. See chart for actual percentages and full list.
The list of downloadable pump eCatalogs, available on the Engineered Software website, now tops 115 branded manufacturers' catalogs and is more than any other software selection tool available. The latest pump catalog additions and major updates include Bombatek, CentriPump, Crane Pumps & Systems, Franklin Electric, Forum SPD, Hamworthy, Hydroflo, Levitronix, Met-Pro Global, Pioneer Pumps, R.B. Mosher, Simflo, and Someflu.

The main feature of the website is the searchable pump catalogs offered to PUMP-FLO Software users. Currently, PUMP-FLO Solutions has digitized nearly 135,000 pump curves, all of which are integrated into the PUMP-FLO selection software. On average, 65,000 pump curves are viewed each month from PUMP-FLO.com's database.

"In the last 18 months we've introduced four new products in the PUMP-FLO software product line, including PUMP-FLO Premium, PUMP-FLO Insight, P-Library, and the support of all PUMP-FLO web products on most mobile devices," said Michael Blondin, Chief Operating Officer at Engineered Software, Inc. "Our growth can directly be attributed to the added value these products bring to the pump industry," Blondin said.

These and many other manufacturers' pump catalogs can be searched through side-by-side using the PUMP-FLO Premium online pump selection tool. A free automatic 30-day trial is available for the PUMP-FLO Premium program, no promo code necessary. The PUMP-FLO Premium Web App is also mobile device compatible, with instructions on creating your own App Bookmark HERE. Pump catalogs are updated automatically using the PUMP-FLO Premium Web App, and updates can be downloaded if used in the PUMP-FLO Desktop and PIPE-FLO Professional software programs.

"PUMP-FLO has always been a great marketing tool for the pump manufacturers," said Ray Hardee, P.E., Chief Engineer at Engineered Software, Inc. "A major benefit of our PUMP-FLO software is that it increases the visibility of pump manufacturers' product lines to customers who use our PIPE-FLO modeling software, putting the pump product lines right in the hands of the system designers."

The PUMP-FLO software allows users to search across a manufacturers' pump catalog to generate a dynamic pump curve based on a system design point search. Additional search criteria include fluid properties, motor sizing, NPSH calculations, pump limits, and system operating points. Once a dynamic pump curve is generated, users have the ability to trim impeller diameters, adjust operating speeds, and dynamically generate electronic curves & data sheet reports. The PUMP-FLO selection engine is developed by Engineered Software, Inc. and is fully integrated into the PIPE-FLO Professional program used to design, simulate, analyze and optimize fluid piping systems.

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