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Zurn Industries Turns to BIMobject to Create ITM Content

Dec. 10, 2019
ITM is the preferred file type for fabrication of mechanical, electrical and public health systems built by MEP contractors.

BURBANK, CA —  Zurn Industries, the single-source leader of advanced water solutions has turned to BIMobject, the world’s largest BIM content platform to create and publish ITM files of their products. An item (or ITM) file is a single piece of content that represents the geometrical dimensions and the associated data of a manufacturers’ product. It’s the preferred file type for fabrication of mechanical, electrical and public health systems built by MEP contractors.

“ITM content is designed to hold the graphical and non-graphical information needed for modeling, fabrication and installation of pipework systems,” said Stefan Larsson, founder and president of BIMobject, North America. “Replicating the manufacturers’ information as closely as possible to enable real-world constructible modeling is what BIMobject is all about, so we’re excited to be able to create and publish this type of content on behalf of Zurn.”

On building product manufacturers (BPMs) are able to showcase their products to 1.6 million users, where those products can be specified and procured into construction projects. BPMs can review user profile information, find out what file types were used and see how many downloads have been accumulated. Designers can select from nearly 1,600 brands that represent 415,000 actual parametric objects. The BIM objects become shared knowledge that forms a reliable basis for decision-making during the entire lifecycle of a project—from conception to demolition.

“Zurn prides itself on providing easy access to design and specification content for our industry leading solutions,” said David Krohn, Director of eCommerce & Digital Specifications at Zurn. “BIMobject makes it easier for our contractors to access Zurn’s ITM content directly from their website. It also puts our overall product offering in front of a broad AECO community.”

Zurn specialized in building water safety, site drainage, behind-the-wall systems plus front of wall fixtures and trims. Their portfolio of products is unequalled to any single manufacturer. They pride themselves on developing designs that enable pre-fabrication and modular construction. The results? Easy to retrofit. Simple to upgrade. Measurable return on investment.

“For us, aligning with BIMobject has a dual advantage,” David continued. “For the contractor ITM files save time with all the data embedded and for the building owner it’s peace of mind value, which falls right in line with Zurn’s strategy.”

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