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Three Task-Specific Solutions

March 11, 2020
PERVIDI paperless inspection/compliance/asset management software, S-PIPE domestic supply water pipe sizing program and TimeCard GPS mobile timesheet software are reviewed.
PERVIDI paperless inspection/compliance/asset management software (Techs4Biz,, 800/361-8725) features over 2,000 pre-formatted checklists/templates, including inspections and audits, construction safety, safety management and OSHA compliance, asset and toolcrib management, maintenance management, pre-trip checks, and custom forms automating any type of other mobile data collection.

Offered cloud-based and as an in-house installation on your company servers and with native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, it is scalable to any size company. 

How it works: The software can be accessed via the cloud or installed on a desktop computer which has access to a database with previous inspection data and scheduled future inspections. When inspection is required, the software generates an alert and a detailed work order, which is wirelessly sent to a field technician’s mobile device, along with the checklist to be used. The inspector has access to reference material and any history attached to the required work.

During the inspection process, inspectors can add photos and/or use speech-to-text to record their observations. The software alerts the user of any checklist items that have been missed. It can be configured to automatically create “corrective actions” based on deficiencies recorded by the inspector, with the corrective actions and all the information needed to rectify the deficiency automatically emailed to the inspector. 

Upon completion of the checklist, the data is sent back wirelessly to the central database. The data is accessible from any web browser (Cloud) or desktop loaded with PERVIDI connected to the database. The reports can be generated from within the software, printed, or emailed, on demand. Corrective action or follow-up inspections can be scheduled (and an alert sent) and the process starts anew. 

The mobile apps, which can be used offline with syncing taking place after an internet connection is resumed, includes the ability to accept electronic signatures and timestamps and can, optionally, integrate bar codes.

Pricing is dependent on project type, complexity of implementation and feature set, and number of users.  

S-PIPE domestic supply water pipe sizing program (Elite Software, 800/648-9523) computes optimal pipe sizes for both hot and cold water supply systems in residential and commercial buildings, using ASHRAE and ASPE procedures. The program, which includes a single branch sizing calculator and utilizes the Hunter GPM curve, allows users to create their own replacement to the Hunter curve (such as in situations when a designer would want a simple reduction like 20% across the board when creating a modified Hunter curve for projects where pipes can be decreased quite a bit in size if the expected water demand can be more accurately predicted). The program can also perform system analysis with a bill of materials and labor estimate.

The software, which can handle virtually an unlimited number of pipes and includes built-in data for pipes, fittings, and fixtures, calculates demand water pressure and flow rates, fitting equivalent lengths and fixture unit loads. A feature in the program allows a user to add new pipe materials and diameters to the pipe library or to edit existing pipe materials with the program pipe library. It supports plumbing codes such a UPC and IPC and can generate both input (data you entered) and output (values calculated by the program) reports. 

Purchase price per license: based on the number of licenses. A free functional demonstration version, with limitations on size of projects allowed) is available. 

TimeCard GPS mobile timesheet software (Econz Wireless,, 866/403-3475), featuring an administrative portal and mobile app, provides clock in/out and photo, location, and time capture of individual techs or crews at start and close of the workday and of breaks. The solution, which can integrate into any of 100+ accounting and payroll systems, including specially made reports for Sage 100, Sage Timberline, and QuickBooks, features GPS mapping and tracking and breadcrumb trails (every 300 feet or every 60 seconds), smart fences (geographical boundaries defined by the administrator) and notifications when those virtual fences are breeched.

How it works: Employees download the mobile app on their phones and punch in and out from the field. If a crew is working onsite, a designated person can update clock/in/out and break information on behalf of team members. Techs can choose current job from a list of tasks, job number, or customer name management has sent to the device in the field. They can also access turn-by-turn directions to jobsites.

Management with access to the Administrative Portal can keep track of employees’ movement throughout the day and view various types reports on movement and other data, such as total hours worked per day, total hours per task, and GPS locations. Management can also be notified of idle time and speed triggers and, optionally, when GPS is turned off a device.

The software features store and forward, giving the ability to capture time and attendance information outside of cellular coverage, with that data forwarded when the internet connection resumes. 

Administrators can generate 35+ schedulable, exportable reports. (Data is stored for 6 months.) The software also has company-wide instant messaging capability. Pricing: monthly fee per application downloaded into the device +one-time set-up fee. Free pilot trial available.

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. She can be reached at [email protected].

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