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Cityzenith’s Digital Twin for Las Vegas Enters Second Phase

Jan. 18, 2022
Cityzenith is providing the project’s Digital Twin technology as part of its 'Clean Cities - Clean Future' initiative.

Cityzenith’s ambitious project to help Las Vegas building owners transition to net-zero carbon emissions using its SmartWorld Digital Twin technology has completed its first phase.

The initial phase of the company’s Digital Twin project in Las Vegas encompassed a seven sq km space of the downtown integrating local city data which could be used in the future to fundamentally transform mobility, air quality, noise pollution, water management, and in particular, emissions from major buildings across the city.

Cityzenith unveiled a first glimpse of its ground-breaking Las Vegas Digital Twin at a special event in Las Vegas on January 4th, attended by Las Vegas Councilwoman Olivia Diaz and Chief Information Officer Michael Sherwood. The company’s video describing the Las Vegas Digital Twin project in detail was first shown to the public at the event.

“The Digital Twin project is developing at an impressive rate and is ahead of schedule” says Cityzenith CEO Michael Jansen. “The base twin is now completed, and in the second quarter of this year, stakeholders from Las Vegas will be invited to join phase 2 of the Digital Twin project, including real estate owners, government agencies, university researchers, data partners, architects, and casino operators. 

“Also, we have new partners that provide risk-free, no money down financing to building owners for green building retrofit projects. That means we can now decarbonize buildings anywhere in America without charging building owners a single penny to get started. This is a game changer. Only 1.7% of American office buildings are green. With the combined power of our digital twin platform fuelled by innovative financing, we intend to change that.

“Moreover, we have invited the Digital Twin Consortium to collaborate with us and bring their expertise to this extraordinary, first of its kind urban Digital Twin project.”

Dan Isaacs CTO, Digital Twin Consortium commented: “We’re excited that Cityzenith is using digital twin technologies to help Las Vegas building owners significantly improve mobility and environmental considerations, including air quality, noise pollution, water management, and emissions for carbon footprint reduction. This smart city project will also provide Digital Twin Consortium members with multiple opportunities for collaboration.”

Cityzenith is providing the project’s Digital Twin technology as part of its 'Clean Cities - Clean Future' initiative to implement its SmartWorld Digital Twin platform in major world cities, a program designed to help drive down urban emissions and significantly improve cost efficiencies for local building owners. SmartWorld, aggregates, analyses, manages and reports emissions performance across multiple assets in real-time to ensure on-going operational metrics and ESG compliance goals are maintained. 

The company’s ‘Clean Cities – Clean Future’ initiative has projects underway in major US cities, including Los Angeles and Phoenix, with more than a dozen major cities and building owners in queue to follow soon.

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