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U.S. CAD Now Part of VinZero

April 27, 2022
The combination of brands under the VinZero banner will make the company one of the largest Platinum Partners for Autodesk globally.
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Having worked together for the past few years under a Global Alliance agreement, U.S. CAD, A2K Technologies ANZ, Cadline EMEA, and Capricot India, today announce the formalization of this brand partnership as VinZero.

The formalization and formation of VinZero is driven by a desire to leverage capacity and experience to serve local and global customers at scale.

The VinZero name stems from the Italian word Vincero, meaning to be victorious.

From the Management Team

Paul Laycock VinZero CEO says, “As VinZero, we are passionate about helping our customers win not only their digital journey, but also now win when it comes to their own, net zero journey. We believe the increased adoption across Construction and Manufacturing of digitalization represents one of the biggest opportunities for the net zero journey in the ‘built environment’ and we’re excited to formally combine our strengths and experience to lead the market.”

Daniel Counts, U.S. CAD CEO and VinZero Global COO adds, “For more than two decades, U.S. CAD has been helping our customers achieve more through digitalization, helping them build their own sustainable business practices leading to a more sustainable future. U.S. CAD is now excited to join with a larger base of AEC experts worldwide with our powerful new brand, VinZero. We are certainly better together, which translates into more sustainable solutions and helping our customers connect the dots along their digitalization path toward a net zero future while leveraging our combined strength to deliver an overall better customer experience.”

Jeff Rachel, U.S. CAD President comments, "We are seeing significant momentum toward technology modernization and digitalization, particularly among our construction customers, who align with net zero initiatives. In addition, our customers understand the significance of using sustainable building practices to protect the environment and benefit their company's bottom line. As a part of VinZero, we can assist them in moving faster toward digitalization to secure an even brighter future."

Moving Forward

VinZero has a focus on bringing together knowledge and advice from around the world, to deliver a thought leadership framework that can lead their customers and partners on their digital pathway to net zero.

With over 550 employees across 32 offices globally and covering some 25 languages, VinZero’s capacity to support increased adoption across construction and manufacturing is significant.

The combination of brand partners under the VinZero banner makes the company one of the largest Platinum Partners for Autodesk globally, and a technology partner of choice for leading AEC and Manufacturing companies. VinZero will design and and deliver sustainable digital processes, bespoke services, and SaaS solutions, to help customers maintain their competitive advantage and achieve their technological and sustainability leadership goals.

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