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The Digital Evolution: How + Why We Must Embrace the Shift

Sept. 18, 2023
Digital tools will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the construction industry.

In our constantly-evolving industry, we see technological advancements rapidly becoming integrated into every aspect of construction. As the CEO of International Code Council, I am acutely aware of the profound benefits that digital tools and solutions bring to contractors, reshaping practices, streamlining processes and yielding undeniable advantages. Digital tools will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the construction industry.

At International Code Council, we integrated digitization into our 2025 Vision and Strategic Plan, creating a leadership role dedicated to innovation, information and digital content. This visionary role is tasked with nurturing a culture of innovation across the organization, spearheading digital solutions offered by International Code Council. Our digital solutions roadmap not only offers new, accessible ways of providing building safety content but also digitizing codes themselves. We’re able to offer online permitting, interactive training and professional development opportunities, credentialing and digital codes & standards.

We recognized then and now the importance of evolving the way we do things, not only to keep up with technological advances, but also to contribute to the evolution of a more agile, resilient industry. Adopting digital solutions is no longer an option but is rather a necessity for contractors and other industry experts looking to thrive in today’s landscape. Digital solutions offer heightened efficiency, allowing you to access information faster, in addition to improved quality and content. By embracing digital solutions, we’re embarking on a transformative journey that will eliminate pain points and better prepare us for the future and industry changes to come.

Digital solutions offer:

1.    Improved Efficiency AND Quality. In an era defined by the need for speed and precision, digital solutions offer a compelling proposition—the ability to enhance both efficiency and quality simultaneously. Streamlined workflows and instant access to critical information empower contractors to make informed decisions, ensuring that every facet of the construction process aligns with the highest standards.

2.     More Autonomy for Contractors. Digital solutions herald an era of self-empowerment for contractors. These tools provide contractors with the autonomy to navigate complexities, from compliance with building codes to project management, independently. This newfound autonomy not only accelerates project timelines but also fosters a culture of collaboration, where stakeholders collaborate seamlessly and drive innovation collectively.

3.    Power in Professional Support. While the autonomy offered by digital solutions is invaluable, digital tools provide an opportunity to access insights from industry professionals. For example, International Code Council’s digital tools are supported by comprehensive personal consulting from our experts. Contractors can utilize these tools for effective problem-solving tailored to meet your needs.

4.    Contractors the Chance to Remain Competitive. We’re experiencing a digital renaissance, affecting every industry, and contractors must seize the opportunity to remain competitive. Digital solutions can provide the edge needed to confront modern challenges head-on, ensuring that contractors are well-prepared for the evolving landscape. The adoption of these solutions translates into improved collaboration, reduced errors, and heightened adaptability—crucial elements for sustained success.

Dominic Sims, CBO is the chief executive officer of the International Code Council.  As CEO, Sims is responsible for the overall activities and financial performance of the association, including its six subsidiaries. During his 18-year tenure, Sims has also served as the Code Council’s chief operating officer and senior vice president. Sims has worked in the building safety field since 1983.

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