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QR Codes Help Connect A. O. Smith Customers to Helpful Resources

Oct. 25, 2023
New initiative further enhances commitment to digital customer experience.
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ASHLAND CITY, TN — A. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and water treatment, has introduced a new initiative that uses the QR codes found on A. O. Smith water heaters to connect professionals and homeowners with the tools and information they need quickly and easily. The initiative enhances the customer experience and streamlines the customer service process and provides contractors with the tools they need to be efficient and successful in the field.

Homeowners and contractors will now be able to access product-specific tools and information all in one place. Users can scan the QR code found on the rating plate of their new or existing A. O. Smith water heaters to view a library of resources relevant to their unit. They can also access warranty information, look up part’s numbers, view quick troubleshooting videos and more.

“We introduced this resource as part of our ongoing effort to provide top-notch customer service past the point of sale,” said Victor Albright, A. O. Smith web application development manager. “With the QR codes already present on our products, and our ongoing investments in technology, we had an opportunity to create a useful resource for our customers. We decided to leverage these advancements to tie together the resources we have available to make servicing a water heater even easier.”

Among the options available when scanning is the opportunity to save time on a call to tech support if one is needed. By filling out the contact information and answering a few basic questions online, including the product serial number, users can confirm their case with an agent and skip directly to troubleshooting.

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