The DesignMaster heating/cooling load calculation screen.
The DesignMaster heating/cooling load calculation screen.
The DesignMaster heating/cooling load calculation screen.
The DesignMaster heating/cooling load calculation screen.
The DesignMaster heating/cooling load calculation screen.

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Nov. 21, 2023
Reviews of the Design Master drafting program, the Dartbid proposal solution, Boxcore safety software, Duct Pro scannable solution and HomeBuddy lead-gen software.

Design Master HVAC ( is a complete ductwork drafting and calculation program that works directly within AutoCad and BricsCad. The solution handles duct and diffuser layout, CFM and sizing calculations, pressure loss calculations, and heating and cooling calculations.  

How it works: the user defines the parameters of a project when drafting it, and the software performs calculations using those parameters. You can make revisions throughout the design. 

Features include: Intelligent Duct and Defuser Layout, with designed ductwork responding to changes in your design. The solution enables automatic inserting of fittings while you draft and you can modify them as needed. You can generate a diffuser schedule as you design your project. When doing CFM and sizing calculations, you can size an entire system with a single command using the inputted criteria. If you make a change, any affected callouts, calculations, and duct sizes are updated.

The program can generate a full 3D model based on your 2D layout and you can export IFC and DWG for use in Autodesk’s Navisworks (review and coordination software to improve BIM project delivery) and Revit (building information modeling software).   

Pricing: monthly recurring subscription or annual fee. Single-user license: can be used on different machines but cannot be shared. Floating license: can be used by any one person at a time. Downloadable free trial of Design Master HVAC for AutoCad upon request.

Dartbid Proposal

Dartbid Proposal ( is a software solution that aids HVAC technicians in selling residential and light commercial comfort systems, pricing jobs, creating and managing the proposal process, and generating customizable quotes. It also provides a single access point for job billing and ordering requirements.

The software streamlines scheduling the proposal with the customer and includes automated follow-ups. It features several payment options for the customer, including financing options that enable customers to compare different systems and payment paths.    

Dartbid Proposal also tracks customer service histories, including current and past service agreements, invoices, and quotes. Technicians can update invoices in the field and send them to customers on the spot directly from Dartbid software, using their iPads. The customer receives the proposals to their emails.

Pricing: subscription-based, by the month, no contract (a demonstration is available upon request).  


Boxcore ( is cloud-based construction safety software, suitable for companies of all sizes, for simplifying on-site safety management. You can create, view, approve, store, and access safety documents, including risk assessments, on its intuitive platform, from any device. Streamlining administrative tasks, it provides site teams real-time visibility of key safety data such as worker training records, equipment inspections, safety documents, permits, and risk assessment while simplifying worker onboarding.

Pricing: Monthly or Annual Subscription (a demonstration is available upon request)

Duct Pro

Duct Pro® by Shurtape® BR Code™ Scannable Solutions ( is a line of preprinted scannable labels that, when used in conjunction with the free BitRip® App, enables users to connect digital data to physical assets. The user sticks the scannable label with the preprinted code to a physical object and then scans the label to start uploading data. Each time the label is scanned, the app records a timestamp and GPS location. Any team member who has the app can then locate the asset and upload and share asset information in the form of photos, links, checklists, notes, videos, voice memos and documents.

Potential uses include: shipment tracking; tagging tools for inventory accountability; tracking equipment inspections; managing safety data; tracking maintenance and repair schedules; creating punch lists; sharing tool and equipment videos; and more.  

Several types of scannable tape are available in the BR Code Scannable Solutions line, including versions for indoor or outdoor use and permanent or non-permanent applications. Different colors are also available for color coding. The BitRip App is available to download from Google Play and the App Store.


HomeBuddy ( is a lead generation company in the home improvement market that finds homeowners through various marketing channels, prescreens them as good potential customers, and then shares those prospects with local remodeling companies in the form of leads or in-person sales appointments.

Contractors receive exclusive leads to book as new customers (there is no sharing or “double selling”). HomeBuddy, which has no long-term contracts and no upfront fees, handles all of the CRM integration work. If a customer does not have a CRM, HomeBuddy uses its call center to set up appointments. 

If a customer has a CRM, exclusive leads are delivered directly into their CRM. (HomeBuddy handles all of the CRM integration work at no cost.) If a customer does not have a CRM, then HomeBuddy books appointments for them on their calendar.

HomeBuddy looks at its service as a partnership: HomeBuddy customers get a dedicated account manager who meets with the customer and, according to HomeBuddy, continuously improves the campaigns to make sure both are hitting their targets.  

Pricing: Contractors only pay for leads or appointments as they are delivered. 

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. She can be reached at [email protected].

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