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May 17, 2024
Reviews of ThemoGrid field service management software and the RedTeam Flex cloud-based solution.

ThermoGrid Field Service Management Software ( is a web-based and mobile platform for use by small to medium sized residential HVAC and plumbing and electrical contractors to engage customers, oversee service, and empower technicians in the field.

It is designed to enact expedient and efficient resource allocation, provide customers with accurate appointment scheduling windows, and maintain real-time communication with the customer when the tech is on the way. ThermoGrid has the ability to give small business owners greater insight into profitability, providing tools to optimize areas that affect profitability, such as job costing, dispatching, or inventory management.    

Using VOIP, upon a customer call, the software recognizes customer phone numbers, automatically pulls up associated data including location and displays the client information and can dispatch the best technician with respect to such factors as availability, skill level, and distance. It uses GPS to help each team clock-in and clock-out and to inform dispatchers who is where, when.

The software features one-step invoicing and the ability for customers to sign off on the job, receive an electronic invoice and select from multiple payment methods.

The mobile app enables a technician in the field to pull up customer service history, add photos and notes, and create and process invoices and payments on completed jobs. (When there is no Internet connection, all data is saved and automatically syncs with ThermoGrid contractor dispatcher software when connection is regained.) Invoices can be shared with QuickBooks if app users enter the API key to connect. The software also includes the ability to send marketing emails or texts to drive new business.

The software can generate daily management reports on truck inventory, facilitating item restock/replenishment, and reports on orders, payroll, daily activity, equipment age, payments, and more. The technician can search inventory to see what equipment or parts are available or on back order. It can also initiate messages and marketing emails and messages, for example notifying customers of renewals, specials, and discounts.

Pricing: upfront fee + monthly fee. The SaaS license includes estimates, quoting and service agreements; scheduling and dispatch; customer management; inventory management; reporting; custom workflows; mobile app; 14-day free trial. (Free training available via live classes or class recordings + access to customer support for troubleshooting. VOIP services carry an additional fee based on the volume of calls.)

RedTeam Flex

RedTeam Flex ( is a cloud-based solution for end-to-end construction management of commercial construction projects, featuring a connected stream of data from preconstruction to project closeout. 

RedTeam Flex is designed to facilitate real-time collaboration and financial transparency, improve efficiency and reduce risk for contractors and owners using any project delivery method. 

For those overseeing Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) projects will find many features that make the complex “open book” process easy and efficient. Access to real-time project information and the ability to work simultaneously on documents extends to all project stakeholders, including subcontractors, architects and engineers via the collaborative console. The collaborative console preserves the history and metadata of all project communication and remain available after a project is closed out. 

RedTeam Flex supports three main types of proposals, which can be generated from the data entered during preconstruction: Fixed Price, Time & Materials and Construction Management for new projects and change order proposals. Standard pricing details and any negotiated rates and agreed-upon fees are automatically included, reducing risk and the need for manual input. 

RedTeam Flex combines all critical project setup and preconstruction tasks in one step-by-step guided workflow, providing a central place for all project information. The cost estimate in RedTeam Flex supports hard bids and negotiated pricing for construction managers. The spreadsheet-style interface with unbreakable formulas and simultaneous calculation of cost and price minimizes the need for offline or supplemental manual computations, streamlining updates to preconstruction pricing scenarios.

To simplify the bid solicitation process, users of RedTeam Flex can create bid packages consisting of one or more cost codes and leverage an advanced bidder search to identify the right subcontractor for the job. Once a bid package has been created, vendors can submit their quotes online to bid for the project.

Bid leveling capability provides efficient comparison of vendor quotes side by side, with “quote cards" summarizing comparative cost analytics and comparisons. Support for multiple awards, split assemblies and selection of best quotes simplifies incorporating vendor pricing into cost estimates, with best quotes instantly updating project cost and pricing.

The solution also features comprehensive Gantt Scheduling tool, AIA-style Progress and Cost Plus Billing, WIP-reports and multiple financial overview reports. Drawing management tools include the ability to upload plans and specs, automated naming of drawings via OCR and an intuitive hyperlinking feature. Users can annotate drawings and use overlay comparison to verify changes between revisions.

Office and field teams can draft and send RFIs from the web or on a mobile device, and create punch or safety lists to communicate project tasks. The solution also affords the ability to generate detailed, configurable daily progress reports to keep superintendents and other stakeholders informed.

Pricing: per month, billed annually, plus implementation and onboarding fee.

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products. She can be reached at [email protected].

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Patti Feldman

Patti Feldman writes articles and web content for trade magazines and manufacturers of building products.

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