Jackson & Sons Expands Website to Include Home Comfort Education

Jackson & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning unveiled today the addition of a new, highly informative section to their current website, www.JacksonandSons.com.

DUDLEY, NC - Jackson & Sons Heating and Air Conditioning unveiled today the addition of a new, highly informative section to their current website, www.JacksonandSons.com.  Branded Home Comfort Education, the knowledge base is the first of its kind offered by a local contractor and will serve as an educational resource for consumers, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions regarding their HVAC system and how their system interacts with the rest of their home.

With a variety of consumer friendly resources, including video and text guides to troubleshoot common HVAC issues, preventative maintenance recommendations, and energy saving suggestions, the Home Comfort Education section is just another valuable resource on the website intended to help consumers maintain their safety and comfort as well as save them money.  Users can access the content by visiting www.JacksonandSons.com and choosing “Info & Resources” from the main menu or simply typing www.JacksonandSons.com/ComfortEd  directly into their browser window.  The series will be frequently updated with new and relevant information geared towards homeowners who are interested in extending the life of their HVAC system, finding the right new system to meet their needs, or anyone wanting to keep abreast of the latest in HVAC industry news and developments.   

David Jackson, CFO, stated of new informational series, “At Jackson and Sons, we are driven by a desire to provide our customers with the best service possible not only through our work in the field, but through our daily interactions with them via the telephone and the web.  Our web-based Home Comfort Education series is an extension of our service model that provides easy-to-understand information our customers can use to make more informed decisions regarding their comfort needs.”

Founded in Dudley, NC in 1974, Jackson & Sons is a family owned and operated Heating and Air Conditioning company specializing in the sale and installation of HVAC systems from industry leaders coupled with a unmatched service model.  Offering same-day demand service, preventative maintenance tune-ups, air quality solutions and next-day installs, Jackson & Sons is a System You Can Depend On.  For further information, visit www.JacksonandSons.com . 

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