Need for speed: 3 tips to help contractors utilize technology

Need for speed: 3 tips to help contractors utilize technology

Want to be a cutting-edge contractor? Below are three tips to delight your customers and grow your business. Schedule smarter Fast financing Unplug 

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Ask someone how they’re doing these days and you get the same response, “busy!” Today’s consumers are busier than ever, with more real-time demands from work, family and day-to-day life. For today’s contractors, gaining customer loyalty and ongoing success stems from the ability to make things quick and easy for your customers.

Given that almost 80 percent of consumers now own mobile phones, it’s crucial to utilize technology to manage your business and support your customers.

Want to be a cutting-edge contractor? Below are three tips to delight your customers and grow your business.

1. Schedule smarter: It might seem basic, but being on time for appointments is an instant way to make your customers happy. Scheduling your teams around geography and basing them on zip codes reduces travel time. Plus, if they are already in the area and another customer has needs, it’s easy for your crew to pay a visit the same day. ServiceTitan, a full-service tech offering, provides contractors with tools like Map Integration as well as access to customer history on the field, so that service providers get to customer appointments on time and are well prepared.

2. Fast financing: Consumers know dealing with banks and tons of paperwork takes up a lot of their time. So what can you do to help make it easier for them to say yes to their next home improvement project? Fast, simple and easy financing means more revenue, more profit and happier contractors. EA mobile app, like the one GreenSky offers to contractors that use their program, makes the financing process simple. From filling out the application, getting approved and getting the customer empowered to place the order and a pay a deposit — the entire process takes under 90 seconds. These apps also speed-up the time it takes you to get paid. Contractors can get their cash (within 24 hours) without dealing with paperwork.

3. Unplug: Yes, I said unplug.I run a technology company and believe strongly in the power of mobile applications and other technology that increases the speed of business. However, more times than not, you can get more accomplished in a 15-minute face-to-face meeting with a customer than you can over the phone, email or text. Being able to see the project needs first hand, walk a customer through details and options, and having the ability to ask questions when you’re onsite can help you better understand a customer’s goals for a home project. In turn, you can help deliver the project of their dreams.

Louis Bruno, the owner and operator of Bruno Air Conditioning, is passionate about customer service and uses a variety of tech tools and apps for staffing, financing and marketing.

"We use technology from the second a customer begins interacting with us all the way until the customer's specific project is done and beyond. It is our way of offering unparalleled customer service,” said Bruno. "Without technology, I would have never been able to go from $0 to $25 million in revenue over my first three years in business." 

The home improvement must evolve with the changes in customer behavior. Don’t get left behind — utilize technology that helps you offer your customers the speed and service they require-- anytime and anywhere.

Have other tips on how to help today’s busy customers get the home of their dreams? Share them with us @GreenSkycredit.

David Zalik is the CEO of GreenSky, a leader in the fintech space, powering home improvement merchants with financial solutions to grow their business and delight their customers. For more information, visit

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