BrassCraft Adds Phone-Scanable 2D Barcodes to Packaging

Sept. 22, 2010
This new barcode technology, permits customers to photo scan the 2D barcode with their smart phones to access data like specifications and installation instructions.

NOVI, MI – Brass-Craft Manufacturing Company is taking customer engagement to a higher level with the adoption of 2D barcodes on its new plumbing products packaging.

Aiming for ever-greater customer convenience, BrassCraft is adopting this new barcode technology, which permits customers to photo scan the 2D barcode on the packaging with their smart phones to access rich data like specifications, installation instructions and information about related products. All that is required of the customer is to download an application for their properly-equipped phone. These enhanced applications allow access to incredible amounts of product information that can assist in the buying decision.

The 2D barcode feature, commonly known as “QR” for “Quick Response,” has a number of user benefits. Chiefly, it can deliver larger amounts of data because it has the ability to store information in both horizontal and vertical directions, thus allowing it to carry up to several hundred times the data of a standard linear UPC barcode.

“Our company motto says ‘Driven by Innovation’ and BrassCraft is committed to adopting the latest innovations for improved installation convenience and customer satisfaction,” says Marketing & Product Development Vice President, Jeff Jollay. “Our pioneering decision to add powerful QR barcode technology to packaging is a reflection of this commitment. BrassCraft is pleased to be on the cutting edge by making its packaging interactive.”

Currently, few US-packaged goods feature the QR barcode, but interest is steadily growing. BrassCraft will be among the first plumbing products manufacturers to offer this feature on packaging, according to Mike Chapman, BrassCraft packaging engineer in Novi.

Initial applications will be on packaging for a new Tankless Water Heater Installation Kit. A smart phone user running a scanner application simply holds the phone up to the QR barcode on the package (see illustration below). Upon completion of the photo scan, the user is directed to appropriate Tankless Water Heater Kit data on to the BrassCraft web site.

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