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Calculate Facility Water Usage, Savings with New iPhone App

Dec. 30, 2009
Calculate facility water usage and potential savings on the go with the new Save H2O water savings calculator from Sloan Valve Company, a free business application for the iPhone platform.

FRANKLIN PARK, IL— A new application for the iPhone platform allows users to calculate facility water usage and potential savings on the go.

The new Save H2O water savings calculator from Sloan Valve is a free business application for the iPhone that allows facilities managers, architects, engineers, plumbers and other professionals to immediately estimate current water usage and determine savings that could be gained by switching to water-efficient plumbing products. The Save H20 iApp is suitable for new construction or existing facilities in commercial, hospitality and residential markets.

“Water is the most precious resource we have, and the iApp is a way of educating others on how they can help reduce their environmental impact while saving money,” said Tim Schiffbauer, director of marketing for Sloan.

To calculate water usage and savings, the iApp asks users to input information, such as the type and quantity of toilets and urinals currently in the facility, the number of people who use the restrooms and local water rates. The iApp displays photos and specifications for a variety of Sloan water-efficient plumbing products. Save H20 immediately reveals its calculations and allows users to alter variables for different results.

Although consumer-oriented iApps are common for the iPhone, applications for the commercial market are fairly unique. “For a manufacturing company to do this is pretty remarkable,” said Tim Courtney, director of marketing and brand strategy for KeyLimeTie, which developed the Save H20 iApp for Sloan.

A more basic version of the water savings calculator is also accessible on the Sloan Web site at

For more information on the Sloan Save H20 iApp or water-efficient plumbing products and systems, contact Sloan Valve Company at 10500 Seymour Avenue, Franklin Park, IL 60131. Telephone 800/9-VALVE-9 (982-5839), fax 800/822-0683 or visit

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