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Housecall Pro Launches New XL Plan

Sept. 18, 2019
The new offering is designed specifically for midsize businesses.

SAN DIEGO, CA — Housecall Pro, a leading software platform for home service professionals, today announced the launch of Housecall Pro’s XL Plan, a new offering designed specifically for midsize businesses to equip them with industry-leading tools. Housecall Pro’s latest solution addresses the unique needs of home service businesses with 10 to 50 employees through such features as an advanced sales proposal tool, sophisticated reporting and dedicated account management. 

“We now offer features, support and performance for XL sized companies” said Ian Heidt, co-founder and CEO of Housecall Pro. “Whether you're out in the field everyday, or have a small army of technicians, we are powering home services companies with a digital system to dominate their local market.” 

The new Housecall Pro XL Plan helps sales teams close deals by offering consumers multiple purchase options that effectively meet their needs and budget while business owners gain greater transparency into their company’s performance and expenses.

Housecall Pro’s XL Plan includes:

  • Sales Proposal Tool: Home service professionals can boost ticket size by showing customers Good/Better/Best pricing. Easy financing options are built directly into the proposal. Pros can also attach visuals, customize plans and display proposals on in-person visits or in follow-up emails -- all through a professional, modern, consistent experience.
  • Consumer Financing Tools: Professionals can now give customers the flexibility to make a big investment or emergency repairs in their home with easy access to honest financing options with no late or hidden fees to their home service clients.
  • Modern Expense Management: Housecall Pro now makes it easy to create custom company expense cards for each of a home service business’ employees. Business owners can set limits on spending as well as the categories of purchases for which they are used. The platform will also provide in-depth expense reporting so that business owners know exactly where their money is going.
  • Advanced Reporting: This module gives business owners a clear picture of where their business is at any given moment and why so that they can operate more efficiently. Reports also create customized insights based on user feedback. 

Housecall Pro is working with Watsco to integrate their ecommerce, financing and sales proposals into our applications.  Additional XL Plan features will be rolled out in the coming months.

To me, the new XL Plan means the power of robust reports that I can actually use to strengthen my business,” said Matt Mauzy of Mauzy Heating Air & Solar. “It is rare to have access to real insights so immediately and easily at a competitive price."

“The XL Plan will revolutionize the way we do business,” said Cassie Pound of Quality Heating and Cooling. “The new sales proposal tool gives our techs an easy way to present the good, better and best solutions so that we can increase our ticket size AND customer satisfaction.”

“Since we started using the Housecall Pro platform, we’ve grown from 13 to 42 employees and tripled our income,” said Sam Jimenez, owner of Bayshore Plumbers. “Housecall Pro has made our jobs a lot easier, and the platform adapts to my business — I don’t have to adapt to it. For the value that it provides, Housecall Pro is incredible.”  

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