Stanley VIRAX tools are available through distributors, sales reps

CONYERS, GA. – The Stanley VIRAX brand, by Stanley Proto, was launched last year to the plumbing channel only and is now available to all industrial customers through Stanley Proto distributors and sales reps.

Stanley Proto will offer several Stanley VIRAX tools to its industrial customers over the next few years. The first tools will be hand-held pressing machines that are designed to join copper, steel or PEX tubing. These tools let the user join pipe more quickly and more safely than is possible by soldering or brazing while making a durable joint.

“A high-strength connection can be made in just four seconds, even if there’s residual water in the pipes,” according to Stanley VIRAX Product Manager Alan English. “That makes pressing the most efficient and cost-effective solution for joining pipes, especially for maintenance and emergency repair jobs.”

The new machines also reduce the chance of soldering- and brazing-related fires. No flame or heat is needed to make a pressed pipe connection, and no torches or gas tanks are required on the jobsite.

“The pressing machines represent just the first of what will become a comprehensive line of reliable, efficient, world-class industrial plumbing and pipe trades products to meet the market needs,” said English. “These tools set the stage for Stanley VIRAX to become a powerful player in the North American plumbing market.”

Stanley VIRAX is a global manufacturer of specialty plumbing tools based in France. The company has been in business since 1920 with a distribution network of more than 70 countries. Stanley VIRAX was part of the Facom group of tools, which was purchased by Stanley in 2006.