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DeWalt’s focus is Built in the USA

July 7, 2015
DeWalt will now produce approximately 14 million products each year in the U.S.  An expansion of production into an existing company-owned plant in Greenfield, Indiana, brings the total number of DeWalt plants in the U.S. to seven.
Workers assemble drill/drivers at the Charlotte plant. The plant is attached to a large warehouse so the product ships in a timely manner.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Built in the USA was the theme for DeWalt as it hosted several dozen members of the trade media here in June. 

The hand and power tool manufacturer announced the expansion of its initiative to build products in America, with an additional 60 corded and cordless power tools  being built domestically with global materials.  An expansion of production into an existing company-owned plant in Greenfield, Indiana, brings the total number of DeWalt plants in the U.S. to seven, with facilities in Connecticut, Maryland, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee, making some of the brand’s most popular tools.

DeWalt will now produce approximately 14 million products each year in the U.S. It’s smart marketing. According to a 2013 survey by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, given a choice 78 percent of Americans would rather buy an American product than an identical one made abroad.

DeWalt is focusing on Built in the USA and also on its association with NASCAR.

The toolmaker also made a big deal of its NASCAR sponsorship, hosting an evening reception at Charlotte’s NASCAR Hall of Fame and bringing its Number 20 yellow and black car into the Charlotte assembly plant the next day. Matt Kenseth drives for DeWalt. 

While DeWalt has a plethora of mechanic’s and woodworking tools that contractors probably have in their garages and workshops, the company also has a number of tools of interest for plumbing and mechanical contractors.

Contractors most likely to purchase tools from wholesalers

Jumping into connectivity, the company is launching its first line of premium 20V MAX 2.0 Amp (DCB203BT) and 4.0 Amp (DCB204BT) lithium ion batteries with Bluetooth capability. The connected batteries will be available by the end of July.

The batteries pair with Apple and Android devices via the free Tool Connect App. Users can connect their compatible DeWalt batteries to their Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet and view the inventory of paired units on the Tool Connect App home screen.  The home screen allows users to remotely turn all compatible Bluetooth batteries on or off at once, monitor battery charge level, view Bluetooth signal strength, and pair additional batteries.

DeWalt Product Manager Brian Koll demonstrates the SDS Rotary Hammer accessorized with the onboard cordless HEPA dust extractor that keeps dust under control if you’re drilling overhead.

From the Tool Connect App home screen, users can select an individual battery to view its diagnostics and change settings by tabbing through four pages: Diagnostics, Actions, Info and Alerts. The Diagnostics screen indicates an individual battery’s state of charge, temperature, and connection to Bluetooth. This screen also allows users to enable and disable a particular battery. By disabling a battery, the user prevents it from being used until re-enabled. 

The Actions screen allows the user to customize alert preferences depending on what information he needs and when he needs it. These options include Alert if Out of Range, Disable if Out of Range, Alert at Low Battery Charge, Alert at High Temperature, and Alert at Charge Completion. In addition, this screen offers a Lending Button, which allows for sharing of batteries. The user can select an amount of time for the tool (with battery) to be lent and when the time is exceeded, the battery shuts down and the owner receives an alert.

The company rolled out its 1-inch 20V MAX XR Brushless SDS Hammer, the first brushless rotary hammer available from the power tool brand. Designed for concrete drilling applications, the 1-inch SDS Hammer is powered by a DeWalt-built brushless motor that provides 2.1 Joules of Impact Energy, and is optimized for chipping work and drilling diameters of ½-inch or less. The hammer features an LED with a 20-second delay that provides visibility in dimly lit spaces.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the hammer is the compatible onboard cordless HEPA dust extractor that’s sold separately. The dust extractor can come in handy to stop the rain of dust when drilling the ceiling for threaded rod to hang pipe and duct.

The rotary hammer comes kitted with a 5.0 Amp hour lithium ion battery. The tool also includes a retractable utility hook that allows it to be hung not only from a belt but also lifts, ladders or carts.

DeWalt introduced three new 20V MAX Brushless High Torque Impact Wrenches, available in ½-inch hog ring or detent pin anvils, ¾-inch hog ring with retention pin-hole anvil and a 7/16-inch quick release chuck specifically designed for utility applications.

These high-torque impact wrenches feature brushless motors paired with the 5Ah 20V MAX XR lithium ion battery pack. The ½-inch hog ring or detent pin anvil impact wrench delivers 700 foot-pounds of max torque and 1,200 foot-pounds of max breakaway torque.

The three-speed adjustable wrenches are 8.9-inches long and 7 pounds, so they can get into tight spaces and are comfortable to use over extended periods of time. They feature LED work lights.

And, finally, the company debuted its first Portable Stick & TIG Welder, which can be operated in cordless mode or easily plugged into a 20 Amp circuit or generator. With an internal lithium ion battery, the DCW100K Welder recharges while it’s plugged in. The external 4.4-pound 50-minute charger keeps the welder ready to use remotely at any time. Weighing less than 25lbs, the welder itself is easy to move around a job site.

The welder is rated at 140 Amps Max Stick and 150 Amps Max TIG. The unit features a digital display that indicates the amperage and control values, manipulated via adjustment dial. Other displays include a Stick/TIG Welder Type Selector and a Hot Start/Soft Start setting, which allows the tool to start easily and maintain a stable arc at low amperage. Additionally, an Arc Force Dynamic setting increases the amperage, helping to prevent the weld pool from solidifying. A battery status bar shows the remaining charge. Finally, the welder includes a 13-ft. stick electrode lead as well as a 10-ft. grounding lead.

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