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Pictured left to right  Charles H Thornton ACE Founder Thomas Gilbane Jr Chairman of the Board ACE Mentor Program and Chairman amp CEO Gilbane Inc Jack Kalavritinos President amp CEO ACE Mentor Program Peter Davoren ACE ViceChairman of the Board and President amp CEO Turner Construction Company
<p>Pictured left to right: Charles H. Thornton, ACE Founder; Thomas Gilbane, Jr., Chairman of the Board, ACE Mentor Program, and Chairman &amp; CEO, Gilbane, Inc.; Jack Kalavritinos, President &amp; CEO, ACE Mentor Program; Peter Davoren, ACE Vice-Chairman of the Board, and President &amp; CEO, Turner Construction Company.</p>

ACE program celebrates its founder, 20 years of success

As reported in our sister publication HPAC Engineering, The ACE Mentor program is celebrating its 20th year with over 40,000+ High School students trained in STEM-related careers.

Crucial to that success has been the efforts of the program's founder, Charles H. Thornton, Ph.D., P.E., Hon. AIA, Hon. ASCE. Despite a storied, honored career in Civil Engineering, Thornton still counts his work with ACE as among his proudest achievements.

Thomas Gilbane, Jr., Chairman of the Board,  ACE Mentor Program, and Chairman & CEO, Gilbane, Inc., spoke at the celebration in New York City saying:

The ACE Mentor Program is thriving, a grand testament to Charlie Thornton. ACE attracts growing numbers of students to its 35-40-hour after-school program who want to reach beyond textbooks and understand real world applications of their studies; scores of ACE alumni have returned to it as mentors.

Read the full article on the HPAC Engineering website,

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