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Blue Collar Success Group launches new video-based technician training series

Nov. 10, 2014
Blue Collar Success Group’s founder Kenny Chapman noticed training in the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric industries was lacking. He decided to create a video series to help contracting professionals. "This is a time of rapid change and huge technological advancements that our industry needs to embrace," Chapman said.

Grand Junction, Colo. - You learn something new every day, especially when you’re dealing with the Blue Collar Success Group’s founder Kenny Chapman. A few years ago, Chapman noticed that there was something missing with the way technicians in the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electric industry were being trained. While other industries were embracing new technology, there seemed to be a lack of opportunity for accessible, low-cost customer service and communication skills training in the PHCE industry.

"This is a time of rapid change and huge technological advancements that our industry needs to embrace," Chapman said.

Chapman, an award-winning PHCE trainer and consultant who also authored the book, "The Six Dimensions of C.H.A.N.G.E.,” said he noticed that many business owners desired highly trained technicians who would provide the best possible service to their customers, but there were three obstacles that always seemed to stand in their way:

1. They couldn't close down their companies to send all their technicians to training in other states.

2. Smaller companies couldn't afford to bring in an industry trainer.

3. Nobody in the company was in charge of putting together consistent, effective training meetings. Complaints of not having enough time or professional training knowledge were often the reasons.

This is why the Instant Meeting Maker was created. It’s an on-demand product that can be used at anytime, anywhere around the world, at a low cost to business owners. Chapman records each video based on one specific topic and averages 15-20 minutes apiece, perfect for a weekly or monthly training meeting. To make the training video more interactive, each one comes with an Action Guide, a series of questions that technicians answer to personalize the topic. These guides also serve as discussion points for follow-up meetings and allow the techs to interact and share their answers, bringing out the social aspect of today's information sharing.

With more than 60 training videos already in the Instant Meeting Maker online library, The Blue Collar Success Group hopes to strengthen the PHCE industry through providing an easy way for company owners to develop a team of techs who can serve customers at the highest professional level.

"As a company, we have embraced technology and the new ways that people like to learn in order to develop a product that will change the way we've previously viewed training,” Chapman said. “This is just the first of many new online training products we are introducing to help business owners."

During recent tough economic times, Chapman saw companies cutting back on training when they really needed to be more focused than ever on having a strategic plan for growing and developing their team members.

"I saw a huge opportunity to develop a system that would break down barriers so that quality technician training could be accessible for companies regardless of their size or location,” Chapman said.

Paying close attention to technological advancements and the new ways people are consuming information became the foundation for the Instant Meeting Maker product. In today's world, information sharing has become more interactive, personalized, and social. People are looking for information in bite-sized pieces that is catered to their unique needs and interests. Information is now always available and easy to access on a global scale.

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