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U.S. Boiler Company Launches New Online Training Platform

April 22, 2020
This new training platform delivers educational content in video and blog format.
LANCASTER, PA — U.S. Boiler Company recently launched its new online training program, called U.S.B-U (U.S. Boiler University).

U.S.B-U was developed to provide an archive of readily accessible information to help heating professionals perform service and installations quickly, and with a high degree of confidence. This new training platform delivers educational content in video and blog format. Live online training seminars are also offered.

The training material is developed U.S. Boiler Company’s technical sales and support staff. The first course, Installing High Efficiency Boilers, was released April 6, 2020, followed by sessions for venting high efficiency boilers and primary/secondary piping. 

By breaking the training material into 10 to 15-minute online modules, U.S.B-U provides the content in a digestible, convenient format. Anyone who installs and services boilers will find the information highly informative, regardless of the boiler brand they install.

U.S.B-U was created to provide more training opportunities to professionals in a rapidly changing industry, and as a valuable resource for the coming heating season, when HVAC professionals may be in higher demand than ever before.  U.S. Boiler Company feels that the relatively mild 2019-2020 winter, coupled with the current global pandemic, will create a “perfect storm” of installations and service calls in 2020-2021. Contractors who are able to quickly and efficiently perform these services will be well positioned to meet the need.

To learn more or receive updates on U.S. Boiler Company’s training offerings, visit

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