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MCAA, UA, Announce Mechanical Industry Future Leaders Institute

March 12, 2020
Three-day program will be held at UA's training facility in Annapolis, MD.

The developers are proud to announce the creation of the Mechanical Industry Future Leaders Institute, a jointly funded and managed initiative of the United Association (UA) and the Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA). This new three‐day program is designed to provide leadership education to the future field leaders of the mechanical industry.

This joint initiative is a key part of the UA‐MCAA Strategic Planning Committee’s efforts to proactively position the industry for continued success and growth.

The program will be held at the UA’s state‐of‐the‐art training facility in Annapolis, MD. Plans are in the works to launch the first program session this coming fall. The current vision for how the Mechanical Industry Future Leaders Institute will work is:

  • Candidates will be 4th and 5th year apprentices or journeypersons who graduated from their apprenticeship program within the last five years.
  • Candidates will be recommended by their Business Manager on the basis of their demonstrated leadership, and leadership potential, at the local level.
  • The Business Manager will submit an application and letter of recommendation for each candidate. The Business Manager must also provide a letter of endorsement from the local affiliated MCAA executive.
  • A joint UA‐MCAA Selection Committee will identify up to 35 candidates best suited to participate in each program session.
  • This groundbreaking program will provide extensive training focused on the skills needed to become a successful and productive leader in the mechanical industry. Participants will learn about leadership requirements specific to our industry and will hear from a combination of presenters ranging from the UA, the MCAA, and outside experts in the field of leadership.
  • As a direct reflection of our ongoing commitment to promote programs and initiatives that are in the best interest of both labor and management, all costs associated with the initial three‐day program will be borne jointly by the UA and the MCAA.

A joint statement from Mark McManus, General President of the UA and Brian Helm, President MCAA, said:

"We believe it is critical that we do all we can to equip our future leaders with the skills they will need to meet the challenges of our ever‐evolving industry. We believe the United Association consists of extremely talented individuals who will greatly benefit from this program. We believe our industry has a responsibility to provide as much education as possible to our future leaders. And, we believe that providing our future leaders the education they need to be successful is the joint responsibility of labor and management.

"We know the Mechanical Industry Future Leaders Institute will be viewed by the entire construction industry as a shining example of what labor and management can achieve when they work together and prepare for a better future. We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming months about this exciting new joint program."

For more information, visit the UA web site at or the MCAA web site at

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