Exterior and interior views of the new Intellihot training vehicle.

Intellihot Rolls Out Mobile Training Vehicle

Sept. 22, 2022
New vehicle is the first in the US featuring a live-fire commercial tankless water heater plus other Intellihot units that can be disassembled for in-depth, hands-on training.

CHICAGO, IL — Intellihot, a designer/manufacturer of built-environment systems is bringing its popular training program to contractors, reps and distributors across the U.S. starting this Fall with the introduction of its first mobile training vehicle.

The custom outfitted MT55 Freightliner is the first mobile training vehicle in the US market with a functioning commercial tankless water heater plus six other units that can be completely disassembled for in-depth, hands-on training. The ability to disassemble a unit in training is critical for teaching troubleshooting, component replacement and more. Models on board include iQ251s, iN199s, iN401s and an iQ1001 (which is for display only).

The first phase of Intellihot’s mobile training tour will begin in the Fall of 2022 with stops in the Midwest, South and Western US. The second phase begins in the Spring of 2023 with stops throughout the Northeast. A more detailed schedule will soon be posted on the Intellihot website. Contact your Intellihot regional manager for mobile or in-classroom training opportunities.

The vehicle, operated by a two-person team including a trainer and full-time driver, augments and mirrors Intellihot’s popular classroom-based training classes, which are conducted weekly at the company’s Vernon Hills, IL. headquarters. Post-training feedback at the Vernon Hills facility shows most graduates found the training to be extremely or very helpful and would strongly recommend the training to a colleague.

“By bringing our proven training program to contractors and reps we’re helping them keep their key people close to their customers and making them more productive,” said Intellihot CEO Sri Deivasigamani. “Plus, by reducing trainee air travel to Chicago, we’re together reducing our impact on the environment.”

Contractors who want to become an IntelliPRO—a certified Intellihot contractor—can find more information at

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