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Emerson Announces Partnership with National Coalition of Certification Centers

Sept. 28, 2022
Copeland, RIDGID brands partner to strengthen support for training and preparing technicians.

SIDNEY, OH – In an effort to continue to support the training and development of the next generation of skilled tradespeople, Emerson (NYSE: EMR) announced that its Copeland and RIDGID brands are partnering with the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3).

NC3 is a career and technical training organization that supports skilled trades advancement, including the HVACR industry. Emerson’s Greenlee® brand has been a partner with NC3 since 2016. Now, with the additional support of the Copeland and RIDGID brands, Emerson hopes to strengthen its partnership with NC3. 

Overcoming the Skills Gap

“For years, we’ve been committed to supporting industries in overcoming the skilled trades gap. Our ongoing efforts are designed to put more training into the hands of new technicians and partner with trade schools to advance curriculum whenever we can. NC3 helps us advance these goals,” said Tim Ferry, group president, Tools & Home Products for Emerson.  

NC3 was established to help build a workforce prepared to meet the needs of industries by connecting employers and educational institutions. These synergistic partnerships foster effective training, elevation of skilled careers and employment opportunities. NC3 builds deep industry-educational partnerships. They develop, implement and sustain industry-recognized portable certifications built on national skills standards. 

“As we continue to explore ways to increase education of Copeland products for new technicians, this is an important initiative for Emerson, and we are looking forward to extending this to other Emerson brands as this partnership grows,” said Brent Schroeder, group president, HVACR Technologies for Emerson.


As part of the NC3 partnership, Emerson’s Copeland, RIDGID and Greenlee brands recently participated in NC3’s Train-the-Trainer summit, held at Gateway Technical College. Train-the-Trainer events are opportunities for industry technical experts to provide hands-on training to community, technical college and high school instructors. 

"Copeland compressors and technology live at the heart of HVAC and refrigeration systems that homeowners, businesses and industries have depended on. The continued growth of refrigeration technology requires skilled and knowledgeable technicians to keep up with service and business needs to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges today,” said Dan Ramirez, NC3.

Additional Support

Emerson provides additional training support through its Educational Services team, with options such as virtual classrooms, onsite training, eCourses and a training center. Emerson also recently launched its HVACR Educator Resource platform designed to provide industry educators with access to tools, training and educational materials to enhance learning for the next generation of HVACR professionals.

Within the HVACR Educator Resource site, there is a wide range of educational features including a Copeland™ scroll compressor training kit. This kit offers a detailed look inside a scroll compressor, through a disassembled model from Emerson’s state-of-the-art lab, offering a hands-on approach to learning the fundamentals of compression technology. The kit also includes custom safety equipment, supplemental learning materials and interactive digital content to provide a comprehensive educational experience.

To learn more, visit the HVACR Educator Resource site. To learn more about Emerson’s RIDGID, Greenlee and Copeland certifications through the NC3 partnership, visit the NC3 website.

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