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NCCER Celebrates Major Curriculum Updates in 2022

Dec. 21, 2022
The updates continue NCCER’s commitment to enhancing its products and services to meet the needs of a digital-first age.

ALACHUA, FL — The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) released curriculum updates of its most popular titles and valuable translations in 2022 to expand access to its industry-built education.

Each revision includes important content additions and updates to reflect current industry standards and new advancements in safety, technology, equipment and other best practices. Several of the new editions also feature a modernized layout and design with updated artwork to improve the reading experience.

The curriculum updates from 2022 continue NCCER’s commitment to enhancing its products and services to meet the needs of a digital-first age. The new title releases feature expanded digital resources, instructional videos, interactive self-guided learning features and more. NCCERconnect and eTexts are also available for many of these titles.  

Four of NCCER’s most highly used craft training programs were updated this year, including:

  • Welding Level 1, Sixth Edition: The updated content includes the latest in safety information, including Standard Welding Procedure Specification examples from the American Welding Society (AWS). The content also reflects technological changes to the craft, modern approaches, and best practices. 

  • HVACR Level 1, Sixth Edition: Previously called Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), the latest edition of this curriculum has a new name to reflect the added Refrigeration coverage in several modules. The revision also contains relevant case studies, enhanced electrical safety content, and updated technology and equipment. HVACR meets HVAC Excellence accreditation standards. 

  • General Carpentry, Sixth Edition: This new edition marks a change from NCCER’s traditional four-level Carpentry training model. After General Carpentry, the curriculum allows for instruction on a path of advanced building construction or concrete formwork. Completing both training paths satisfies requirements for a four-year registered apprenticeship. 

  • Plumbing Level 1, Fifth Edition: This important revision includes updates to tools and techniques, fixtures and fittings, additional details about materials and building systems, and added focus on the service arm of the profession. Additionally, tables and data from the IPC® and UPC® are updated with current code information.

Throughout 2023, NCCER will release additional levels of all of these crafts, as well as the NEC 2023 code updates to NCCER's four-level Electrical program.

NCCER has also made available Spanish translations of several popular curricula. The renewed Spanish translation efforts are part of NCCER's goal to help organizations train skilled craft professionals in an increasingly diverse workforce. These translated titles include:

  • Core, Sixth Edition (Spanish): Our foundational Introduction to Basic Construction Skills curriculum is once again available in Spanish and features a new elective module introducing construction careers, more rigorous performance tests, and extensive updates on math, hand tools, power tools and drawings. 

  • Roofing Level 1-2, Second Edition (Spanish): The newest edition of Roofing was developed in partnership with the National Roofing Contractors Association. This is the first time the NCCER Roofing curriculum has been translated into Spanish. 

  • Concrete Construction Level 1-2, Second Edition (Spanish): Our Concrete Construction curriculum covers a range of specific content, such as the characteristics of concrete, using concrete as a building material and the process of curing concrete.

In addition, several crafts received new editions of higher levels after earlier levels of their track were updated in 2021. Those new releases include:

NCCER develops and distributes its curricula in partnership with the world’s leading learning company, Pearson, to ensure that it complies with the Department of Labor’s Office of Apprenticeship requirements for time-based training. Individuals who successfully complete these training programs through an NCCER-Accredited Training Sponsor will earn industry-recognized credentials through the NCCER Registry System.

To learn more about NCCER curricula and purchasing options, visit the bookstore or contact your designated Pearson executive director.

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