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The apprentices become paid employees from day one.

High 5 Plumbing Celebrates Successful Graduates and Participants of its Apprenticeship Program

Feb. 28, 2024
Program success underscores the proven effectiveness of its training; offers path to a lifelong career.

DENVER, CO — High 5 Plumbing, a family-owned and operated plumbing company serving residents in the greater Denver metropolitan area, proudly announces the resounding success of its plumbing apprenticeship program, highlighting the remarkable achievements of its participants.

Owners, Cassi and Levi Torres started the program to help offer a pathway to a fulfilling and sustainable career for aspiring new technicians. The program is designed to offer opportunities to those who may not consider college an option and are seeking an opportunity to achieve a meaningful career.

The program is unique in that apprentices become paid employees from day one. From the moment they begin, they embark on a meticulously laid-out journey, guided by specific objectives and milestones designed to foster their growth and success.

From the Warehouse to the Field

Under the guidance of Warehouse Director Jason Delgado, apprentices start out working in the warehouse, learning about all the plumping materials and the processes of workflow. Once the apprentices show sufficient knowledge and understanding of materials, they begin to focus on the field application of those materials while working alongside other skilled technicians.

The field training is accompanied by online and virtual learning where apprentices can practice installing and repairing things in a virtual environment. 

“I started in the program in March 2021 and received my Colorado plumbing license in July 2023,” said High 5 Plumping technician, Jose Cuevas. “I really enjoyed the process of learning in this apprenticeship program. The online learning and being able to work on things virtually before going in the field was super helpful. The mentorship from everyone on the team makes me wish I would have done this a long time ago.”

After completing the program, apprentices may take the standard exams, apply for a plumbing license and become full-fledged technicians. 

Accelerated Learning

“The combination of hands-on training and personal mentorship combined with the virtual learning platform has given us the ability to train new skilled technicians in a shorter amount of time,” said Levi Torres. “I’ve been in this field my entire life, and I’ve seen lives changed as a result of making a career in plumbing. The sense of empowerment we see in our new technicians upon completion of our program is inspiring, and it drives us to keep doing what we do every day.”

“The timeframe to becoming a technician varies as apprentices do learn at their own pace,” Torres continued.  “Because of the results we’ve seen, we do feel we have one of the best apprenticeship programs in the country. We care about our people, and we want to see them through the hard parts so they can come out on the other side with a life-long career.”

To learn more about High 5 Plumbing, visit https://high5plumbing.com/.

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