Urinal Dynamics is featured on Saturday Night Live sketch

June 10, 2014
Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyer discusses Brigham Young University’s Premiere Incompressible Fluids Lab research on Urinal Dynamics

Brigham Young University's Premiere Incompressible Fluids Lab has done research on Urinal Dynamics, which was featured on one of Saturday Night Live’s sketches. In case you missed this sketch, we posted it here, so you can view it and join in the fun.  

Here is Seth Meyer discussing, in tongue and cheek style, the research during Saturday Night Live’s news parody segment the Weekend Update.

On Brigham Young University's Splash Lab website, it states that once your research has made it through the comedy circuit to be announced by Seth Myers, you have arrived! "We are grateful for all of the press we have enjoyed regarding this interesting, important but also taboo subject."

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