Contractor's Top 6 Funniest Plumbing Commercials

1. Plumber's Crack Commercial

This video for Reckon & Reckon Plumbing makes an entire advertising campaign out of the infamous "plumber's crack" — you have been warned. Posted by Rhett & Link.


2. Funny commercial from A Plus Plumbing Heating and Electrical

A+ Services believes it takes more than a uniform to deliver great service. Posted by Chad Lozano.


3. Adee Plumbing and Heating old commercial.. Adee Do!

Who can do? Adee do! Posted by jackdean90501.


4. Pride Plumbing TV Commercial

Pride Plumbing makes a movie preview, and it's the feel-good event of the season! Posted by kimvotry.


5. Plumbing Commercial (1st draft)

Leaky faucet driving you CRAZY? Put down that machete, pick up the phone and call Marquise Plumbing. Posted by Ruprecht Manfrenchinson.


6. Hilarious Michael & Son Plumbing Commercial!!!!

The title says it all. Posted by michaelandsonsvcs.

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