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Toilet-themed restaurants video gallery

Amazingly, this crazy old world of ours has spawned not one or two but several toilet-themed restaurants. Some are curiosities, some are going concerns; some are just trying to get your attention, and some are taking the idea way, way too far.

Modern Toilet Restaurant

There actually seems to be a chain of Modern Toilet restaurants in Taiwan.


Yet another Tiawanese restaurant that lets you sit on toilet-shaped stools while you eat noodles and ice cream out of toilet-shaped bowls.

Toilet-Themed Restaurant Comes to LA

And in case you were worried you'd have to travel all the way to Asia to enjoy the toilet-themed restaurant experience, some clever entrepreneurs are bringing the chain to Los Angeles.

Das Klo in Berlin

Perhaps you've been watching the preceeding videos and thinking to yourself, "You know who would get a kick out of this? The Germans." Well, you're not wrong. Das Klo has been operating in the German capital for 40 years, with customers drinking beer out of urine collection bottles, using toilet paper for napkins, and enjoying sausages made to look like... well, just use your imagination.

Beijing Toilet Restaurant

This one is particuarly popular with young students. Maybe it's all the photo opportunities?

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