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Sloan Park in Mesa Arizona.

Batter Up! Baseball Stadium Gets the Most Out of High-Efficiency Fixtures

Feb. 21, 2023
Sloan Park, the spring training grounds of the Chicago Cubs, reduces water use by over 30%.

MESA, AZ — Since its opening in 2014, Sloan Park has been the Spring Training home of the Chicago Cubs. The 15,000-seat park, which features many similarities to the iconic Wrigley Field, hosts thousands of fans each spring to watch the Cubs gear up for the upcoming baseball season.

In fact, single game tickets for 2023 Chicago Cubs Spring Training games at Sloan Park are on sale now. The Cubs will host 18 games at Sloan Park in 2023 with the home opener against the San Francisco Giants Saturday, February 25.

According to the Arizona State Climate Office, Arizona is currently in its 21st year of long-term drought, so Sloan Park has placed a special emphasis on water-saving restroom products. Sloan provided the ballpark with 1.28 GPF flushometers for water closets, which save 14% more water than 1.6 GPF flushometers, as well as .125 GPF flushometers for urinals, saving 50% more water than .25 GPF flushometers. Together, these fixtures are helping to reduce the ballpark's water use by over 30%.

Clutch Savings

Sloan Park saved water, space, and energy all with one game-changing product: the AER-DEC® integrated sink. These sinks—located in Sloan Park’s public restrooms
behind the Suites and Party Deck level—include BASYS® sensor-activated faucets, soap dispensers, and high-speed hand dryers deck mounted on an AirBasin sink.

All these parts of the sink work together as one touch-free, hygienic system that promotes sustainability throughout the restroom. In addition, the groundbreaking design of the AER-DEC sinks helps Sloan Park save water, reduce energy consumption, and eliminate the need for paper towels, resulting in a clean and sleek restroom aesthetic for fans to enjoy.

All-Star Technology

Sloan Park is not just home to the Cubs—it’s also home to next-generation commercial restroom technology. Paired with the Sloan Connect App, Sloan Optima® ETF Faucets and SOLIS® 8111 Flushometers (installed with ST-2459 Wall-mounted Water Closets) and SOLIS 8186 Flushometers (installed with SU-1009 Urinals) feature sensor technology that allows facility managers to collect data, monitor battery strength, and unlock predictive maintenance, all from the touch of a button.

The connected technology, operates as an Internet of Things (IoT), placing Sloan Park at the cutting edge of what modern restrooms can achieve in terms of efficiency and reliable, sanitary operation.

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