Bill Hoffman describes three ways to save water and energy that aren39t that much of a stretch

Bill Hoffman describes three ways to save water and energy that aren't that much of a stretch.

Renowned engineer presents three simple ways to save water, energy

Bill Hoffman is a principal with H.W. Hoffman and Associates LLC, a water resource planning and conservation services firm located in Austin, Texas. The first idea is to use onsite rainwater and graywater recovery and reuse for both the water and its embedded energy. Nationally, he said, half of the water used in commercial buildings is used in cooling towers, a waste of water. Hoffman wants to eliminate dipper wells.  

CRYSTAL CITY, VA. — There have been a lot of steps taken to conserve water, such as low-consumption water closets and low flow fittings, but there are plenty of steps that can still be taken that rely on existing technology and aren’t particularly difficult. Nationally known engineer Bill Hoffman covered some of them in his presentation, “Three Emerging Technologies that Save Water and Energy,” at the International Emerging Technology Symposium here in late April.

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