Archdiocese of Saint Louis Receives $180,000 in Energy Rebates

May 19, 2010
Murphy Company, Laclede Gas team up to help Archdiocese take advantage of Commercial/Industrial Rebate Program

ST. LOUIS – The Archdiocese of Saint Louis has significantly reduced its carbon footprint and positioned itself for future energy savings through a partnership with Murphy Company and Laclede Gas, earning $180,000 in rebates from Laclede.

On May 11, Laclede presented a check to cover the cost of audits, tune-ups and boiler replacements completed at 45 sites within the Archdiocese. Ryan Thompson, service project manager in Murphy’s Energy Solutions Group, explained, “The overall environmental impact is equivalent to planting 2,500 trees or removing 110,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.”

Murphy’s Energy Solutions Group teamed up with Laclede Gas’ marketing department to work with the Archdiocese’s real estate office and educate its parishes on the Laclede Gas Conservation and Energy Efficiency program and the Laclede Gas Commercial/Industrial Rebate Program, including the value of performing energy audits. Schools, churches, rectories and one orphanage took advantage of the program. With Laclede’s help on conducting the audits, Murphy found issues ranging from inoperable controls and water leaks to inefficient boiler and air handler operation and lack of temperature control at heating radiators. Solutions included everything from simple tune-ups and maintenance work to boiler replacements, depending on the severity of the problems.

According to Robert Palisch, manager – Archdiocesan building projects, “This program has been a win-win for the Archdiocese. With energy audits and boiler tune-ups that increase the efficiency of the equipment at no cost to the parishes and schools, the payback is an ongoing savings while also reducing potentially harmful emissions into the atmosphere.”

One example is Bishop DuBourg High School, where Murphy began with a commercial building audit based on the Laclede Gas Rebate Program. Based on the results, Murphy replaced the school’s 57-year-old boilers, handling all design and energy calculations and obtaining more than $9,000 in incentives from Laclede Gas to offset the cost of more energy-efficient equipment. Bishop DuBourg will save an estimated $13,000 per year due to the energy savings of the new boiler. Murphy also performed steam trap maintenance that will save up to 20% annually on gas bills.

“With Laclede Gas’ energy-efficiency programs and Murphy’s engineering expertise, we have established a great partnership that helps our customers conserve energy resources and reduce their environmental impact,” said Michael R. Spotanski, senior vice president of Operations and Marketing for Laclede Gas. “Since natural gas truly is the Original Green Energy, we look forward to helping more of our commercial, industrial and residential customers reduce their carbon footprints by taking advantage of our rebate programs.”

Murphy’s Energy Solutions Group has developed a comprehensive approach to yield 30% or greater energy cost savings. Its AEE Certified Energy Managers and LEED APs (Accredited Professionals) deliver turnkey solutions from design and engineering through installation and maintenance services. An ENERGY STAR partner, the group uses a five-step process, drawing upon Murphy’s internal resources, technical skills and practical knowledge to produce cost-saving results. Since starting the group, Murphy has worked with more than 300 organizations on energy reduction projects, qualifying customers for more than $1 million in energy savings incentives.

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