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Leveraging social media for plumbing, HVAC businesses

May 26, 2015
Create a Facebook page that entices your existing and prospective customers You must be updating you page consistently with fresh information When sending out posts always remember that it is quality over quantity Facebook has a tool that can breakdown user information into specific categories like age, gender, interests and even location

Who doesn’t want to gain more public reach for their plumbing or HVAC business? The top source for increasing your bottom line in these specific industries is typically repeat and referral business, which can now be even more promising through the use of social media marketing.

What if you could take the loyal customers that you already have and through a simple click of their mouse or smartphone they could declare you as the go-to company in your area to several thousand people?

The old school way to build up your customers was simple word-of-mouth, but now through the use of Facebook and other social media outlets like Twitter your voice can be heard for mile after digital mile.

There are more than a billion people who are now active on Facebook. Even though you are only trying to reach a certain audience that is located in or around the community you service, you still have endless possibilities for generating more leads.

Enticing your customers

Create a Facebook page that entices your existing and prospective customers. This is something that you need to take your time on; if you go into the project with only a partial commitment the probability of people liking your page will be far less.

What does a superior Facebook page entail? Just like your website it should contain interesting and relevant content, not only about your company, but entertaining or useful insights that users would want to read and share.

A captivating cover photo goes a long way too, run it by various people that you know and gauge their reactions, if it draws viewers in then you have done your job correctly. You also need an appropriate profile picture, a detailed account of what your plumbing or HVAC business does, as well as your company name, address, and phone number.

You must be updating you page consistently with fresh information, new pictures, and even videos. Facebook has tools like RSS Graffiti that can link to your tweets and blog posts, so that they immediately show up on your page. The more effort and thought you put into your Facebook page the greater number of fans you will receive. You can also use certain plugins that gives viewers the option of liking your Facebook page straight from your website or enables them to share your blog posts on their own news feed.

Each typical member on Facebook has at least 135 friends. If one of your customers likes and shares your page you have just amplified your chances of generating more leads, calls and sales. If dozens of customers do this, and their friends decide to share the page to someone else, the reach of your business has become enormous.

When sending out posts always remember that it is quality over quantity. A lackluster statement or picture does you no good and can be quite a turn-off for your social media viewers. One poignant post is better than 10 thoughtless entries.

Don’t self promote! Facebook hates this and will in all odds hide these posts from your friends’ news feeds. If your goal is to gain as many fans as possible you need to placate toward public interest.

Current events or something that is going on in your community, interesting stories, holiday celebrations, useful tips, questions that people can comment on, relevant quotes, and even contests will all help you to gain more traffic to your page as well as your website. You can indirectly advertise for your business by tying it in with something that people want to look at and share, throw in a picture or a short video and you are well on your way.

Building up links on your Facebook page in the same manner that you do on your website will be another reason that people would continue to view your page. Other sources of pertinent information will surely help to produce lifetime visitors.

Who is your target audience? The answer I hear most often is homeowners and families with a minimum income of $65,000 a year. Did you know that Facebook has a tool that can breakdown user information into specific categories like age, gender, interests, the language they speak, what they do for a living and even their location? A localized campaign is great for plumbing and HVAC businesses, as you are only serving your particular community and the surrounding cities in that area.

If you are involved in any charities or organizations in your area it wouldn’t hurt to post these either, as some of your Facebook members may want to join, and it also shows that you are an active and trustworthy member of that community.

Facebook has certainly evolved over the years and now it is far more choosey about what will actually be shown on individual news feeds. A recent algorithm update pays close attention to the particular viewing patterns of each user and adapts accordingly.

If you are eager to spread your message effectively, pay close attention to the tips above and begin to draw out a sound social media campaign. Want to know more about this intricate but powerful marketing system? Subscribe to The Social Plunge podcast on iTunes today.

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