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July 18, 2023
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Rinnai Launches Innovative Rinnai PRO 360™ Advertising Packages

Aug. 18, 2021
An affordable and easy advertising solution for Rinnai PROs.

PEACHTREE CITY, GA – Introducing a highly original and innovative advertising offering, Rinnai America Corporation launches the Rinnai PRO 360 Ad Packages. Developed for Rinnai PROs, the advertising package presents a simple, fast and affordable option to engage customers in a 90-day, multi-media campaign. With packages taking as little as fifteen minutes to complete and affordable options starting as low as $2,100, PROs can save valuable time and money when advertising their business.

“We’re always investing in innovation and exploring new products and technologies that we can bring to market,” said Peter Reiner, Vice President of Marketing, Rinnai America Corporation. “Adding these PRO 360 Ad Packages is a great step towards supporting our PROs and supplying an affordable, easy solution, so they can focus on providing excellent service to their customers.”

With the unique PRO 360 Ad Packages, Rinnai PROs can easily market their services across email, social media, Google and direct mail through prebuilt campaigns, making advertising easy, fast and affordable. Rather than having to create the campaigns themselves or work through an external partner, PROs can simply select from two options: Digital Only Campaign or a Digital + Direct Mail Campaign. With this structure, Rinnai has created an uncomplicated way to deploy a templatized marketing campaign that engages a PRO’s specific market or audience. 

“Our PROs are very busy and have a lot of competition for their time. With PRO 360 Ad Packages, PROs can set it and forget it,” said Lori Page, Senior Marketing Manager, Rinnai America Corporation. “This is something new and completely different for the industry, and we’re excited to provide a simple but impactful way for PROs to grow their Rinnai business.”

PRO 360 ad templates are designed to educate the consumer on the benefits of Rinnai products while providing a PRO’s customized promotional offer. Rinnai will launch the program with two pre-built ad templates to choose from, Tankless Water Heater and Home Heating. The PRO 360 Ad Packages will continue to evolve and expand over time, providing PROs with new and exciting ways to engage with their customers. 

Rinnai launched its PRO Network more than a year ago with the aim to provide contractors the necessary support and training needed to help grow their business. Now, Rinnai partners with over 3,200 PROs across North America, helping them successfully scale and support their businesses. Participants in the PRO Network experience myriad of benefits, including the ability to grow their business through qualified leads, rebate programs, free training and earning free rewards. 

To learn more about Rinnai PRO 360 Advertising, visit

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