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When Things Go South

July 18, 2023
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14 Ways for Plumbers to Use Video

May 19, 2022
The key is to get started, be human, and engage people. Perfection can come down the road.

It seems no one reads anymore. It’s a video world. For many people, the first stop is not a search engine, it’s YouTube. Plumbers need more video, but often get stuck on what. Here are 14 types of videos you can make for your company.

Before starting, get past the notion that all videos need to be slick, professional productions. There might be times when you want that, but often you can produce videos using desktop software (e.g., animated videos) or your mobile phone. The key is to get started, be human, and engage people. Perfection can come down the road.

1. Company Brochure

One of the first videos to consider is a company video. Who are you? Why are you better than other plumbers? What makes your company stand out? How are you unique? How did the company get started? What are your promises or pledges to your customers? This is one of the few areas where it might make sense to outsource the video production.

2. Recruiting

If you are experiencing a shortage of labor, create a recruiting video. One HVAC contractor created an effective one that was essentially a slide show of what it was like to be a technician. The images are panned or zoomed using desktop software with a peppy soundtrack. The pictures selected told a story of a job that’s important, but not easy, and rewarding.

You could simply answer questions. Why should someone work for your company? What do you offer in terms of pay and benefits? What makes you better than your competitors?

3. What to Expect…

What should consumers expect when you are replacing a water heater? What should people expect when you are doing a sewer pipe relining? What should people expect when you roll a truck on a service call? What should people expect if there’s a problem after a call?

4. Customer Testimonials

When a customer is really happy with the service provided by one of your plumbers, spiff the plumber to ask her if she would say it on camera because it would really help him out. Customer testimonials are gold.

5. Employee Introductions

Have each employee introduce himself or herself and describe their jobs, what they like about your company, and something personal. For plumbers in the field, these can be sent to the homeowners at the time of service in lieu of a photograph. This by itself will help you stand out.

6. Mission and Values

Tell people about your company’s mission and your values. Simply state your mission and a set of defined values. What do you stand for? What won’t you stand? Why do you think the job your company performs is important?

7. Events

Make videos of any company events. Be fun. Engage people. Carry this into the community by making videos of community events, home shows, and so on. Say, “We’re here at such and such event and you can see what’s happening…”

8. Truck Tour

Super trainer, Joe Cunningham likes to joke that our trucks are where we keep our secret stuff. Don’t keep it a secret. Take people on a video tour of one of your trucks. Explain the tools that you keep on hand. Talk about the inventory. Tell people that when you roll a truck to their home of business, you are rolling a small warehouse full of parts.

9. Basic Troubleshooting

Avoid nuisance calls by giving people basic troubleshooting, leading up to the point where a pro should be called to the job. For example, show people how easy it is to replace the flapper on a leaky toilet. If the toilet is still leaking, the homeowner is instructed to call you.

10. Products and Services

Make a separate video about every product and service you offer. For example, you could show a food disposer, what matters in the purchase of one, and why you recommend the one you carry. You could weigh two identical looking faucets, with one from a supply house and the other from a big box to show the difference in quality. You could show people video from a camera job.

11. Did You Know…

A lot of homeowners are probably unaware that a plumber can put in a gas line for a backyard natural gas barbecue grill. Create a small video on the things you do and the products you offer that people might be unaware of, such as whole house water filtration.

12. Answer Questions

Think of the questions consumers ask and answer them. Ask how much is a service call? Explain the cost to roll a truck and explain what you charge to show up. Ask how much you charge per hour? Then, explain how you use a national pricing service and charge by the job, not the hour, so that people know the price before work begins and do not pay more when a job runs long.

13. Stories

Some of the most memorable videos are simply plumbers telling stories. Tell stories about the weird things that you have seen on service calls. Tell stories about funny things that have happened.

14. Procedures

Create a company video page and load video procedures. For example, demonstrate the way you want people to answer the phone. Demonstrate the way a plumber greets a customer. Demonstrate where you want the trucks parked (i.e., perpendicular to the street, at the end of the drive so the billboard on the side is visible to all of the neighbors up and down the street) and how to gain permission to park there because of safety reasons. You can even make more technical procedure videos for your plumbers to watch in the field.

The most important video you will always be the next one. Get started.

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