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When Things Go South

July 18, 2023
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14 Simple Things to Make Your Plumbing Business Stand Out

Aug. 16, 2023
These items are not rocket science, but they are part of the science of service. They are simple and easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.

Sometimes, it is the simple things that cause a company to stand out. Simple things are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do. Here are 14 of them.

1. Be Odor Free

Some customers are extremely sensitive to odors and smells. Others merely do not like them. No matter how early you start, shower in the morning. Use deodorant, but not aftershave. Smokers need to take special care to keep smoke odor off clothes. Everyone should use breath spray, but especially smokers.

2. Be Well Groomed

When you shower, shave. The most common complaint consumers have about field service personnel is poor grooming. Not only should you shave, get your hair cut regularly. People expect professionals to be neat and clean. Look the part.

3. Clean the Truck

A neat, clean truck implies neat, clean service. People assume you will not take care of their homes if you do not take care of your truck. Wash it as needed. When there is the inevitable body damage and dings, fix them sooner.

4. Clean the Work Space

Leave everything you touch inside the customer’s home cleaner than you found it. Bring in a battery powered or electric shop vac if needed. Use citrus scented cleaner and use it on all brass and porcelain.

5. Give Customers Choices

People like choices, even if they end up asking you what you would do. Some will seek choices if you do not offer them. They will call your competitor if necessary. The great thing about offering choices is some people will surprise you and select more expensive, more profitable choices. Let people choose between repairs, replacements, or upgrades.

6. Listen

Listening is an active sport. Pay attention. Nod. Repeat back what the customer told you to ensure you got it. Take notes. Active listening shows respect. It lets people know you consider them important. As a bonus, when you ask questions for clarity, you will learn new information that might lead to bigger sales.

7. Make Eye Contact

Part of listening is eye contact. Everyone has heard someone say, “I won’t trust a man who won’t look me in the eye.” Never mind that the first thing a con-man learns is how to look people in the eye with sincerity, people think you are untrustworthy when you fail to make eye contact. Look people in the eye.

8. Offer Upfront Pricing

We are long past the debate about whether flat rate or time and materials pricing is better and preferred. Consumers want to know what something costs up front. They hate the uncertainty that comes from open-ended time and materials pricing. Price up front. People think that companies offering flat rate prices are more affordable and honest.

9. Respect People’s Space

People have different feelings about personal space. If you pay attention, they will let you know how close they want people to be. Pay attention. Treat people’s personal space as sacrosanct.

10. Say Thank You

One of the simplest things in the world is showing genuine appreciation for someone’s business. Say thank you. Thank people for trusting you to take care of their plumbing.

11. Smile

You appear friendlier when you smile. Research studies show that people are more likeable when they smile. Do not fake it. Be genuine. Think of genuine reasons to smile and watch your sales increase.

12. Stand Up Straight

Standing up straight is similar to making eye contact. You appear more confident when you stand up straight. Accordingly, you appear more confident.

13. Wear Disposable Gloves and Shoe Covers

Wearing shoe covers when you enter a customer’s home and disposable gloves when working on their plumbing is a sign of respect for the home. It also allays fears of consumers living in post-pandemic fear of germs.

14. Wear Uniforms

Uniforms communicate professionalism. Wearing a uniform is not enough. It should look neat. Shirts should be tucked in before walking to the front door. A spare should be kept on the truck for times when the uniform is soiled.

These items are not rocket science, but they are part of the science of service. They are simple and easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.

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