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Expanded and revised ASSE Series 5000 is now available

WESTLAKE, OHIO – The American Society of Sanitary Engineering has released the newly revised and expanded edition of the ASSE Series 5000. The ASSE Series 5000-2009, which is the only Cross-Connection Control Professional Qualification Standard approved by the American National Standards Institute, has been released with two new standards and a collection of updated and revised appendices.

Because of the changing needs and requirements of the plumbing industry, the current Series 5000 features two new standards: the Fire Sprinkler System Cross-Connection Control Tester Professional Qualification Standard and the Backflow Prevention Program Administrator Professional Qualification Standard.

In addition to the two new standards, the revised ASSE Series 5000 defines the minimum performance requirements for testing backflow preventors that meet the requirements of ASSE Standards and covers the minimum performance requirements needed to be ASSE certified as a backflow prevention assembly tester, a backflow assembly repairer, and a cross-connection control surveyor. The Series 5000 also features appendices that have been updated, expanded and improved. The appendices include revised sections of flowcharts, schematics, report forms, troubleshooting guides, ASSE test procedures, definitions and a new appendix of one-hose test procedures.

The first edition of the Series 5000 was issued by the ASSE Board of Directors in 1990 to set minimum requirements for qualified professionals in the plumbing and water supply fields. ASSE Professional Qualification Standards are developed in the interest of consumer safety and are promulgated in accordance with procedures developed by the American National Standards Institute.