ASSE Signs Agreement with Compliant Healthcare Technologies

A collaboration to improve Medical Gas Systems

WESTLAKE, OHIO - The American Society of Sanitary Engineering has signed an agreement with Compliant Healthcare Technologies, LLC (CHT), a software applications and program developer of an innovative Medical Gas Testing and Management Program. This collaboration between ASSE and CHT will make the regulation and management of piped medical gas easier and safer than ever before.

With CHT's innovative CHx Program, Medical Gas Systems Management Personnel will be able to access any information pertinent to the proper functioning of a medical facility's Medical Gas System by simply scanning a barcode. The CHx Program will also provide maintenance personnel with ASSE's Professional Qualifications Standards for Medical Gas Systems.

ASSE, an ANSI accredited standards developer and certification body, has agreed to provide portions of their Series 6000, a series of Professional Qualifications Standards for Medical Gas Systems Personnel, to be used by CHT in their CHx Program software application as a guide to manage and maintain a Medical Gas System. The CHT program helps maintenance personnel with the proper procedures needed to maintain and test the Med-Gas System by using excerpts from the ASSE standard, the only published ANSI Accredited manual offering recommended maintenance schedules and testing procedures.

The combination of ASSE's thorough qualification standards and CHT's innovative program makes testing and regulating Med-Gas Systems easy and understandable. The CHx Program analyzes data and shows a systems level of compliancy to ASSE standards. If a Medical Gas System is defective or does not meet the standards set by ASSE, CHT's team of staff certified to ASSE's professional qualifications can use CHx reports to create a custom Medical Gas Asset Management Program that meets ASSE and Manufacturer guidelines. This collaboration has the power to keep medical facilities safe and free of preventable accidents.

In this recent agreement, the American Society of Sanitary Engineering granted Compliant Healthcare Technologies the right to use ASSE trademarks and logos for the CHx Program. More information about this program can be found on CHT's website at More information about the American Society of Sanitary Engineering can be found on ASSE's website at <> .

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